My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

by Dave in

  • Because at 11pm the Maytag repairman is ME. Oh yeah, now the A/C works again. #
  • If I ever lose my appreciation for being able to come here, somebody smack me. @ Cow Island #
  • How in the world have I lived this long without owning and using @panic’s Diet Coda? #
  • Speaking of, @MacGeekGab 409 is back on for tomorrow (Sunday) night WITH live stream at 9:00pm EDT. We'll keep you posted. #
  • Well, THIS will be a story for (and the reason for!) @MacGeekGab 409. The tech gods smiled and we've got full WiFi back in both houses. :) #
  • It takes a close and powerful lightning strike to blow apart a ProtectNet adapter! #
  • It takes a close and powerful light in strike to blow apart a ProtectNet adapter! #
  • Morning View @ Cow Island #
  • Regarding my lightning mission, I should note that I'm on an island, with limited supplies (and didn't bring appropriate cabling tools). Fun #
  • Lightning at lake blew out ProtectNet connectors on both ends of house<->cottage connection and cable ends are fried. Seems I have a mission #
  • Time to stage a runaway golf cart marathon! @ Bald Peak Colony Club #
  • Now this is the way to do a drive-in movie! @ Bald Peak Colony Club #
  • Waiting for my ride. @ Melvin Village Marina #
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan's skill with the guitar causes many to overlook what a fantastic vocalist he was. Tone, delivery, power, finesse. #
  • It'd be great if Dropbox had an option to do all that Mac<->Mac syncing directly and *without* storing it in the cloud. I'd pay for that. #
  • Very excited. I spent some time re-tweaking the mobile podcasting setup today and it's SO much smoother and easier and betterer. Yay. #
  • Does your NAS support limiting the size of Time Machine backups? So far I've only found Synology DiskStation and Drobo FS do. What's yours? #
  • Failed peanut brittle makes for tasty sundae topping! #
  • Anyone know if there's a phone support number for iTunes Match? #
  • Changing your mind is easy when you remove any care about what others may think of you for doing so. #
  • Aaron Sorkin has a way of creating television shows that portray a fantasy world in which I wish I lived. #
  • "How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." -Anne Frank

    Let the work week begin! #

  • One benefit of playing two back-to-back gigs yesterday (and one on Thursday)? I can eat half a bag of chips and bacon-wrapped meatloaf today #
  • Perfectly-weaved bacon (with meatloaf underneath) #

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