My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

by Dave in

  • Showtime! (with "Chafed") @ Kelley's Row #
  • My office for the evening @ Kelley's Row #
  • All toastied up, now time to cool. #strawberryrhubarbpie #
  • Now with cinnamon and egg yolk added. #strawberryrhubarbpie #
  • Pre-baked Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie. Yum. Yummier later. #
  • Brilliant! Robert, a @MacGeekGab listener, had the idea for this project. $12 for 3 is a price where it'll sell. #
  • .@Myoozishun this has happened for me regardless of jailbroken status. #
  • Anyone else have the recurring issue where iOS mail gets stuck checking and force-quitting Mail is the only way to reset it? #
  • When I get a quote for a multi-thousand dollar project that says "PDF created with pdfFactory trial version" on it, I'm scared. #
  • Oh fantastic. iTunes Match has been fine for months. Today it acts like it's never been started and is stuck on Step 1. :( #
  • Are you a turtle? #
  • One more preso done, MacBook Air -> VGA adapter still in shrink wrap. If I leave it at home, that's when I'l #
  • Sid Newman from @dollydrive taking the wraps off new version at @nhsmug @ Idea Greenhouse #
  • At @nhsmug meeting. @ Idea Greenhouse #
  • Are "Amos & Andy" responsible for our 6-month dental cleaning schedule? Perhaps so. #
  • My dentist (who I like) has me on 6 month cleaning schedule. I'm considering backing that off to 9 or 12. Any experts with advice? #
  • Sad to see @TripIt not reporting my @AmericanAir AAdvantage miles anymore. #
  • I'll be talking backups at Seacoast MUG tonight here in Durham, New Hampshire, 7pm. #
  • Funny timing about my standing desk comment this morning… @ergodepot posted some pics of my setup #
  • It's official. With iTunes Match song upgrades, the 160GB iPod is no longer big enough to fit my library without downsampling everything. #
  • "Allow simultaneous downloads" is nice, but "Allow instantaneous downloads" would be better. #
  • RT @JPBarlow "I just went through #TSA #039;s new 'accelerated' screening for frequent fliers at SLC. Took an easy 3x usual time."

    Outstanding. #

  • "@USATODAYnews: Sitting less could extend your life"

    Perhaps my @ErgoDepot standing desk will pay dividends. ;) #

  • Ernest Borgnine's Secret to a long life (thanks @schoun) #
  • Maybe tonight would be a great night to rewatch all of "Airwolf." RIP Ernest Borgnine. #
  • You know it was a good vacation when you come back with all your socks still clean and unused. #barefootisbest #
  • My son (and others) on stage with Peter Yarrow @ The Opera House At Boothbay Harbor #
  • Peter Yarrow last night @ The Opera House At Boothbay Harbor #
  • A good place to stop for lunch. @ Sprague's Lobster #

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