My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08

by Dave in

  • The outdoor temperature doesn't matter, 59 degree ocean water is ALWAYS cold. #acceleratedrefreshment #
  • Family dinner @ Boothbay Harbor, ME #
  • Say no to pot. @ Boothbay Harbor, ME #
  • Just posted a photo @ Boothbay Harbor #
  • Been a LONG time since I've been on the Bowdoin campus. @ Pickard Theater #
  • A perfect view as I finish wave 2 of @MacGeekGab Premium replies @ Boothbay Harbor, ME #
  • Ladybug in a yellow sea @ Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens #
  • Just posted a photo @ Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens #
  • Frog close-up on iPhone 4S @ Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens #
  • CERN thinks they've found the Higgs boson? Wow. (thanks, @acdolph for the heads-up!) #
  • .@mlv good point. I'm done with the initial surge. Fully expecting and happy to receive and reply to many more. ;) #
  • Whew. Finally completed all the individual replies to @MacGeekGab Premium folks' input on our potential changes. Totally worth the effort. #
  • Up early, everyone else asleep. That means tea and jazz alone in my living room on a rainy morning. Perfect. ;) #
  • Ask for advice and you get it. I only made it through 1/2 the @MacGeekGab responses we got today. Fingers too tired to reply more tonight :) #
  • Panoramic shot from the party that TMFI played at last night (including @JohnnieBackBeat singing on the left) #
  • Van Halen should just beg Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony to come back. Sammy and Mike won't, tho. ;) #
  • I also prefer to buy true health *insurance* but regulations are forcing more coverage making it a "maintenance plan." Hence… cost increases #
  • FWIW, and this will be my lone political tweet: I am neither for nor against Obama, in general. Just not happy with my increased ins. costs. #
  • Wow. Our family's health insurance premium is going up a whopping 33% soon. Do I direct my thank you letter to Mr. Obama? #
  • RT @GrfxGuru "@MacGeekGab I'm betting there is a drinking game out there somewhere."

    I'm playing it right now. #

  • We're finding that the dust-collecting Kindle Fire we have makes a perfect dedicated Sonos controller. ;) #
  • Awesome old 450hp Stearman. #nostalgiarocks #
  • Diamond rolls aren't just sushi anymore. #
  • Air Force Lear cockpit @ Boston-Portsmouth Air Show #
  • Good thing he had that chute. @ Boston-Portsmouth Air Show #
  • Blue Angels preflight check. @ Boston-Portsmouth Air Show #
  • Happy boy and dad. Thanks very much to @PilotPete for these fantastic seats at the Portsmouth Airshow. #blueangels #

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