My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

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  • RT @zmiko " strava is definitely the best. Only other that comes close IMO is mapmyride"

    I'll try that next. #exerciseforwork #

  • Tried RunKeeper per all the @MacGeekGab listener recommendations and I still like Strava WAY better for cycling tracking. #
  • Mail Act-On from @indev. Indispensable, uses Apple's own Mail bundles architecture to work. Not allowed in Mac App Store. #mixedmessages #
  • RT @KristopherBusby ""

    Drum Sticks on an iPad. Pretty cool! #

  • Ooh. Played along with a tune I played along with as a teen. When I got to the part that used to be too fast, my fingers kept up! #oldisgood #
  • Been a crazy week, and now it's time to head home … with a detour up to the studio to go play the drums for a little while. ;) #
  • Don't get me wrong, I like the size of the Kindle Fire… I just never use it because it's so limited. #
  • After my disappointment with my (now dust-collecting) Kindle Fire, I'm hesitant to pull the trigger on a Nexus 7. And I'm a gadget geek. #
  • .@MarkSheppard yes, and I don't think it would be good if I thought about scouts at the same time as this other thing. #
  • I know it makes me seem twisted, but am I the only one who, upon first glance of seeing "SCOTUS," thinks of something else *entirely*? #
  • I had to provide my Macs' UDIDs in order to join a beta test of an iCloud-enabled/sandboxed Mac App. I don't like this part of iOS-ification #
  • For my money, a Sonos Play:3 is the same price as a Nexus Q and has a WAY better sound signature than is possible in the Q. #justsaying #
  • The Nexus Q as "the world's first-ever social streaming device" -- I think @Sonos might have something to say about that. #bsfoul #
  • Re: Nexus Q -- the real question: is there an iOS app? ;) #
  • I know some hate that Google copied iOS, but regardless it IS good that Apple has competition to keep things moving along quickly. #
  • One thing I would love in iOS: If I dismiss a notification in Notification Center, please clear the app icon badge, too. #
  • For those who don't know: we always kidded about having a Vegas or a Graceland/Elvis wedding. Got both at Graceland Chapel in Vegas! #
  • Of *course* we had tshirts at our wedding. ;) #
  • Since many of you keep asking me: Yojimbo iCloud Syncing Near, Will Require Mac App Store Purchase #
  • More Beach Boys @ the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston #
  • And now sleep? No! Time to empty the master closet because California Closets arrives in the morning! #spendingmoneylikewater #
  • Awesome Beach Boys show tonight. Really amazing how well they still sing together. We took 3 generations of Hamiltons and everyone loved it. #
  • 3 songs in and The Beach Boys' harmonies are blowing me away. @ Bank of America Pavilion #
  • For chapters in the new Podcasts app from Apple, tap the logo while playing. Awesome rolling reel-to-reel. ;) #
  • Things like this scare me. #
  • I am remotely (over my LAN, that is ;) updating two machines from Snow Leopard -> Lion. One of them is my wife's. #foolish #
  • The answer is yes: OmniFocus appears to support recurring todos. Thanks @pbur @copyhacker @omnigroup #
  • I'm considering a switch to OmniFocus, but before I do, does it support recurring ToDos (i.e. do 'x' each 5th day of the month)? @omnigroup #
  • You all did so well the other day, so I have a new pop quiz for you: which is the nook, and which is the cranny? #
  • I love our town administrator. He's doing an awesome job through this. #
  • Well, I guess it's time to upgrade the studio iMac to Lion. This is something I've clearly avoided for a while, but… iCloud, etc. #
  • A consequence of us all using "cell" phones these days is that we accept crappy call quality as a way of life. #
  • Politics aside, I am *very* glad our town administrator asked the Obama campaign to pay the visit-related expenses. Sets good precedent. #
  • Ok, now that's some serious lightning and thunder here in Durham, NH. I wonder if it'll delay Obama's campaign-stop arrival? #
  • Well, that was an interesting show... and true to form as 404, live-streamers got info that was not to be found! ;) #
  • For those of you still listening to the live stream, this is the bent airplane link that @pilotpete shared #
  • "Dad, since most people just use their phone number as their WiFi password we could just login to the neighbors' and change their channel" #
  • Sad to see "Car Talk" ending, but as with all good things ... #

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