My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-24

by Dave in

  • (the album, that is) #
  • Next up: The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" #
  • and, as luck turned out, I did find a pot of hold at the end of the rainbow: home. #
  • I had forgotten just how stellar The Police's "Reggatta de Blanc" album is. Making this rained-out gig night at home even better. #
  • Strange. I just realized we have all our @Sonos Play:3 units on the south side of the house, Play:5's are all north. No exceptions. #
  • Pop Quiz: off the top of your head do you know which is the mortar and which is the pestle? #
  • As hoped, @johnfbraun got to check out the new Lantronix xPrintServer Home Edition with USB support. iOS Printing FTW! #
  • “@Phish_FTR: "Maze" from Phish's 6/19/12 show at nTelos Wireless Pavilion in Portsmouth, VA:”

    Awesome new lights! #

  • I hate this new in-line audio player widget that appeared in OS X 10.7.4. It's so broken it's ridiculous. #
  • I love all the podcasts we do, but I especially love when the show flows smoothly and I realize we're at 50 min only 5 questions in. #MGG403 #
  • “@PilotPete: For those following the saga - Robin # 4 was born this morning!”

    Outstanding, man! #

  • So maybe @Klout's got some usefulness, after all. Last night we enjoyed @2ndStCreamery ice cream we got as a "perk," and it's fantastic! #
  • Just repaired my "corrupted" Time Machine backup store with instructions from Garth Gillespie. Worked perfectly! #
  • I'm confused as to why @Yelp's iPhone app doesn't let me fully submit reviews. Very odd to have to visit the website to do that. #
  • Remember those eBay addicts who used to bid on something at any price, regardless?

    Now they visit Kickstarter. #

  • Apple has really spoiled/trained us all not to be swayed by vaporware. Tell us when, where, and how much, otherwise don’t waste our time. #
  • It is somewhat decadent, but it's also completely awesome having @Sonos units in key rooms of the house. Love it! #
  • +1 to that... or Twittelator RT @marcoarment Hoping there's a Tweetbot for Mac before I get my first Retina Mac or Cinema Display. #
  • Wow, @SpiritAirlines, I've been on flights with tight seat pitch before, but this beats 'em all! #
  • Logistics (parking, bathrooms, food, etc) at Bader Field for Phish were awesome this weekend.

    Those for the rest of Atlantic City? Sux0r. #

  • “Finish Line” by Yasmin is tough music for a breakfast place. It’s hard to shake my booty while eating crepes. #
  • Having a highly-caffeinated beverage as my first drink of the day and I’m flying. How do people do this every day? I’m surprised its legal. #

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