My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

by Dave in

  • Happy fun ball pretty much sums up our feelings for making it to Atlantic City with plenty of time to spare. :) #phish #
  • Does this mean Oceanic 815 has been redacted now, too? #
  • Yet again I’m impressed with just how *sexy* these WWDC warmup jackets look on all of us. #
  • Thanks to @macgenie @macgreg @philipjg @jdalrymple @flargh for the excellent parties at WWDC this evening. And now, sleep. #
  • Also, @bynkii sang. @jdalrymple approved. :) #
  • Since I’m sure the proof will surface I should mention that I’ve now done live band karaoke.

    And it was awesome. Thanks @jdalrymple :) #

  • Excellent analysis from @tedlandau on the subtext behind Apple's WWDC keynote #
  • Man, they tweak these PA's at WWDC to even make the in-between-session music sound fantastic. ;) Love it. #geekslikeme #
  • To wrap-up was @wilshipley with ... an interesting story about OS X as we know it. :) @cartoonart #
  • Mr @twittelator himself, Andrew Stone, explained his long path with NeXT, Steve Jobs, and more. @cartoonart #
  • And @jamesdempsey led us through many rousing choruses of The Liki song (Minawana meika la'a likiko). @cartoonart #
  • Here's @drwave, our host and MC from tonight's @cartoonart NeXT-themed fundraiser. Awesome job, man. #
  • Made it through WWDC keynote day, yet again, and got one interview done, too. Now a quick break, then to @cartoonart fundraiser. W00t! #
  • Love snack time at WWDC. Today it’s Mountain Dew, blondies, M&Ms and chips. Yay!! #
  • JetBlue flight attendant just asked us to “switch to airplane mode for later use.” This is a departure from the “must be off” speech. #
  • Just watched a guy opt out of going through the metal detector because he doesn't "trust those things." #firsttimeforeverything #
  • I’m certainly not opposed to ads, but Hulu Plus had gotten out of control. We just spent 1/2 of our viewing time watching or waiting for ads #

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