My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

by Dave in

  • Rush’s “Exit… Stage Left” could certainly do well with a dynamically enhanced remix. Of course, that might expose the original hackery. #
  • It IS odd that Phish is playing just down in MA and we’re not there.

    No worries, we’ve got plans to be in Atlantic City next weekend. :) #

  • I watched Charlie Chaplin's "The Adventurer" last night and I kept seeing one of @jdalrymple's ancestors. #BeerNotTea #
  • We've got some pics up on @MacObserver from inside the Moscone yesterday taken by @fulkb (thanks, Barry!) #
  • I really was blown away by @pilotpete's MGG 400 story about how in the mid-80s he used a modem setup to have troops communicate with family. #
  • Twitter's hive mind was just blown. #
  • Thanks for all the congrats on @MacGeekGab 400, everyone.

    Amazes me, too… 400 episodes. Wow.

    Thanks to everyone who’s kept us going! :) #

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