My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-03

by Dave in

  • 5 Things the TSA doesn't want you to see.

    Summary: The TSA has data that proves just how ineffective they are. #

  • These AIRbudz could offer a *really* inexpensive option for universal fit in-ear monitors to allow ambient sound in. #
  • “Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus” and a good book up early on a Saturday morning. What a treat. :) #charmedlife #
  • .@mlv Hey, man, @johnfbraun and I are all about sharing our tips to make your lives easier. ;) Tech, laundry, life… everything goes. #
  • Time Kills All Deals. #
  • Also, I found a bug in the MicroCell. #
  • The malfunctioning AT&T 3G MicroCell just HAD to come apart. Found 2 loose jumpers, too. Hmmm... #
  • Amercia is better already. #
  • Anyone out there have an AT&T MicroCell sitting unused they’re willing to part with? One of mine went on the fritz. :( #
  • Pro tip: don't ever send business quotes out made with trial PDF software which indentifies as such on the quote. #
  • Given that I mowed lawns for a living while in college, I'm fine saying that I do NOT want to be dictated to by my lawn boy! I pay, you mow. #
  • Just realized I’m going to need to aggressively manage my sleep schedule since I’m going straight to 3 Phish shows on a redeye after WWDC. #
  • I just want to go one day without stubbing one of my little toes.

    Once per day for the last four days is ENOUGH. #

  • Given that I didn’t start playing drums until 7th grade, tonight will mark the first time I have performed with an elementary school band. #
  • Developers: We'll again be conducting interviews while at WWDC. Sign-up to let us know you'll be there: #
  • I do love eating breakfast outside. I need to make a habit of this. #
  • And now, for (many of) you: 50% more weekend. #

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