My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-27

by Dave in

  • I have to say, for $20 for a 1.75L bottle, this El Cheapo (er, El Charro) ain’t bad tequila at all. #goodmorning #
  • Few of you picked Flux Capacitor. The Allspark just generates power, something we can do in many other ways. FC enables time travel. Hmmmm. #
  • I need your opinion. It’s important.

    What’s more powerful, a flux capacitor or an Allspark? #

  • 3 weeks ago went to buy a new bed, expected to pay $1000. Realized existing bed was warranteed. Got credit. Ordered upgraded bed. Paid $1000 #
  • The biggest problem with downloading the remaining 9,000 songs from iTunes Match is this dialog pauses *all* downloads. #
  • Thursday. Well, at least it's a @MacGeekGab Thursday. I'm looking forward to that! #
  • Well, Yahoo's latest move is bold ... bold as love. #
  • I had forgotten just how relaxing juggling is. I guess it had been several years since I tossed my balls around just for fun. #
  • Just walked my son through setting up his own MineCraft server (on his own custom domain, naturally). #
  • My son, at dinner last night: "this food tastes DEAD to me."

    Yup, kiddo, that's the idea. :) #

  • Wanna learn how to set up static IP addresses inside your home network? @MGGJim shows you how! #
  • But that last tweet does not mean @JaredApperson should worry. We're still going to see #DMB ?? just on Wednesday, June 6th instead. ;) #
  • Due to some schedule issue Lisa and I have 2 tix to Dave Matthews Band on Tuesday, June 5th, Mansfield, MA for sale. Anyone interested? #DMB #
  • I took some time to check out the new Buffalo AirStation WZR-D1800H 802.11ac Wireless Router. Review (with video) here: #
  • Perhaps Sonos new SUB will be the answer to the PLAY:5 lacking that round low-end IMHO (as compared to the PLAY:3). #
  • "Heighth is NOT a word!"

    Indeed! #grammarrants #

  • It's crazy, but I find that this iMovie audio/video sync bug introduced in 9.0.1 *still* exists. #
  • I liked House. I'll definitely miss having it in the rotation come the fall. But, alas, it definitely had run its course. Moving on... #
  • So what do you people like to use to edit movies? All I need is something that keeps audio & video in sync (which rules out iMovie '11). #
  • If our schedules don't conspire against us, Lisa and I will see Dave Matthews Band next month for the first time since 1995. Quite a gap! #

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