My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

by Dave in

  • .@npann it's amazing. Our family Apple //c was 1/2000th the speed and couldn't begin to do what this device in my pocket does. #
  • iPhone 4S with HD video + high-speed wifi in theater = daughter and friends watching their performances backstage minutes after finishing. #
  • Oingo Boingo sure is good house-cleaning music. #
  • Finish the gig. Pack the car. Start home and begin latest @ylnt. Pull into garage as episode ends. Tweet.

    Now THAT is perfect timing. #

  • Over at TMO, @jmartellaro gave F-Sim Space Shuttle landing simulator a perfect score. Pretty cool stuff! #
  • Class biography project presentation day. The boy's teacher encouraged him to take this particular subject on. #
  • Ahh, the joys of home ownership. The flashing around the stink pipe seems to have failed again after 7 years. Drip drip #
  • Pro tip: answer the phone. You can easily dismiss an unwanted caller, but you can never get back the opportunity you would have missed. #
  • “@ttscoff: I've held my silence long enough: fullscreen Lion Mail is broken. Modal message windows are FAIL.”

    True that. #

  • Lunch with @JeffLynch today proved … fruitful. Great to hang out, great food, and great new app coming our way. Stay tuned, folks! #
  • I put the freaking @redbox movie in the DVD player, some preview starts, and I'm prohibited from pressing STOP??

    Handbrake, here I come. #

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