My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

by Dave in

  • Compared to a plane, flying this helicopter was a very different experience. Very immersive, hands on at all times-Fun! #
  • Just arrived at C-R Helicopters in Nashua, NH for my discovery flight this morning. Should be interesting ... and fun! #
  • Never EVER second guess the timing of the microwave oven's "Popcorn" button. #
  • "We don't consider this a protest. We consider this people smoking pot in the sunshine." #
  • (it helps that my wife was a Rush fan before we ever met) #
  • Marriage pro tip: You don't ask your wife if she wants to join you at the Rush concert on your anniversary. You just get her a ticket. #
  • Yes, I know I'm a Rush fan, but I *really* like this new tune. Also stoked that the tour opener is here in NH. :) #
  • What a day for a podcast. Time to record @MacGeekGab 393 Premium! #
  • Found while roaming the halls at Oyster River High: Tweeting to the Constitution. #
  • Over at @MacObserver today we're starting a new feature, "TMO Workspaces." It was insisted we start with mine.” #
  • If only Woody had gone to the police... #
  • I'm going for my first helicopter flight this weekend, so I'm enjoying @mlanger's "how it works" on the subject. #

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