My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

by Dave in

  • For those of you (relatively) local, I'm playing with Chafed tonight at @The_Derryfield -- rock & roll requests galore. Always fun! #
  • I guess if Apple announces WWDC by the middle of that week in June we might all be able to make it for the last day or two of sessions. #
  • I don't understand why people would screw with me over simple contract law. I understand this stuff like an attorney, and I'm always fair. #
  • .@safaritour I was chatting with the guy manning the X-ray while another guy patted me down. Hardly noticed the patdown at all. #
  • I just thoroughly enjoyed my TSA patdown. We chatted about drums, Rush, Phil Collins. Stuck around after and chatted more. #
  • Was in town, so had to pay a visit to The Rhombus #
  • I'll be in Princeton, NJ tonight, folks. #
  • Ya know, I've been using "post-PC" devices ever since I got my SE/30 in 1989 (my Apple //c was mostly pre-PC technology and doesn't count). #

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