My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-08

by Dave in

  • Our ball python hasn't eaten since we got him in January. We're beginning to think he's a vegetarian. Do they make tofu rats? #
  • I was hoping to avoid buying hard drives until prices came back down to earth but, alas, the Drobo it tells me it's time. Now. #
  • Love that TweetBot 2.2 includes iCloud syncing across multiple devices. Nice. Now... Mac version? ;) #
  • Confused about FileMaker 12 and no backwards compatibility. Might take 5 years to get medium-to-large installations off of FM 11. #
  • Watching "House" on TiVo, love that House's handle on the video game they were playing is "Occam's Chainsaw." Brilliant! #

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