My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

by Dave in

  • Just put an anti-glare shield on my 3rd gen iPad. Retina still looks good (though expectedly slightly less sharp). #
  • Frank Zappa's "Montana" could be interpreted as a "Good Idea." #
  • I know I've been in a bad mood for like a month but, that aside, I'm just astounded by all the imbeciles in the world. Darwin, save us! #
  • My kids are creating things with "Paper" that have me deeply disturbed.

    "Crazy Stalker" complete with small child. #

  • “@verge: 'Prince of Persia' creator discovers game's original Apple II source code, will post online”

    Ok, that's cool #

  • You no longer hear anyone say, "You should see my new move!"

    Water cooler chats just aren't what they used to be. #

  • Problem: Files added to shared folder in Lion are not writable by all users. Tried setting an "all rights" ACL on folder, still nada. Help? #
  • “@viticci: I'd pay so much for iOS versions of Transmit and Acorn.”

    +1 #

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