My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

by Dave in

  • “@davidgallant: every gig needs lasers. I'm getting used to having them around.”

    That is the TRUTH! :) #

  • Should in be worried that the screen has been frozen like this since the movie was supposed to start 8 minutes ago? #
  • I wish everyone waiting in the theatre for Hunger Games would stop talking about the story. I want to be surprised when I read the book. #
  • You know, to celebrate the season. #
  • Comment overheard in response to the aforementioned Blue Boxes and LSD discussion: "I'm not sure which one would be harder to find today." #
  • “@iPhoneinCanada: iOS 5.1 Reveals FaceTime Over Cell Networks Could Be On the Way”

    Let's hope. #

  • My 10yo son is reading the Jobs bio. Been very interesting explaining Blue Boxes and LSD to him. #
  • I realize it's not perfect, but since we're responsible for our own bandwidth now can we please have FaceTime over 3G/4G? #
  • Er, well, first *full* day of spring. ;) #
  • The first day of spring is a surprisingly early day for me to hear the A/C kick on in my office. #
  • I defy anyone to stay awake during that Muppet Movie from last year. The kids and I barely made it thru 20 minutes before bailing out. #
  • Surprised that some people are expecting form-fitting iPad 2 cases to work on iPad 3. The 3 is 10% thicker than the 2. Tolerances matter. #
  • Turns out the date has to be rescheduled because the boyfriend is grounded. "Thirteen" seems more and more accurate. I'm sad for her, tho. #
  • My 12yo daughter's going on her first date (going for pizza) after school. Can't stop hearing Big Star's "Thirteen" in my head. ;) #
  • In, @gruber notes that Apple "could take itself private."

    An interesting scenario to consider. #

  • Quick band advice. DO go see Austin-based "Speak."

    Do NOT go see "Gangstagrass." #

  • I have to say that the @TSA has gotten both more efficient with and more accepting of the opt-out/patdown process. #friendlyskies #

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