My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

by Dave in

  • When the words "meniscus" and "portapotty" are used in the same sentence, it's time to worry. #
  • The Cult, full out. #
  • The Alabama Shakes just tore it up. #
  • Surprised at how many #SXSW clubs are filled to capacity all night long this year. Moreso than recent years. Badge and SXXpress invaluable. #
  • Made it in to see the dB's by the skin of my teeth. W00t! #
  • Heading to meet @JeffQuestad for some Ethiopian food. #
  • #SXSW PSA: For those of you without Springsteen tix tonight, the Moody theater *will* clear the venue after Alejandro Escovedo. #
  • I believe we have success (without even sticking my fingers together! ;) #
  • Commencing earplug filter repair attempt. #
  • Accidentally stumbled on a question that immediately warms up anyone: "Where can I buy crazy glue?" #
  • Man, Springsteen keynote line is already this long with 3 hours to go. #sxsw #
  • Mister ... No ... Make that Dr. John. #greasy #swampy #awesomsauce #
  • Well, crap. Broken earplug filter. Thankfully I didn't lose it. Crazy glue might fix it in the morning. Hrm. #
  • So it only *looked* like Fiona Apple was playing a grand piano. Just watched crew pull a Kurzweil keyboard off the keys of the piano. #
  • So either the sound team sucks or Fiona Apple's mic technique sucks.

    Or both. This is not rocket surgery, folks. #sxsw #

  • Yikes. Had to burn the SXXpress pass already. Badge line was miles long and Stubbs is already near capacity! #
  • I'm speaking at @capmac tonight and found @LeVitus and The Beatles here! #
  • George DeVore's playing at the @homeaway event and he's got two bass players and no electric guitarist. #oddinaustin #
  • I'll be speaking at CapMac here in Austin tonight. Meeting starts at 7pm. #
  • This "via" vs. "hat tip" thing perplexes me. I assume it's just reporters who care about this? Readers likely wouldn't. #
  • “@MissTrade: LSD helps to treat alcoholism”

    Maybe it's good to shake up the snow globe every now and then. #

  • Every city should have designated "musician loading" areas. #
  • Pride is not a valuable trait here at Nuclear Taco Night. #ntn #
  • Nuclear taco night begins. #ntn #
  • At a session called, "How to remember anything." My wife complains about my memory now, I'm sure she doesn't approve of my attendance here. #
  • Looking forward to TED@SXSW. #
  • "@davetisch: The best way to get an agency to act or to panic is to get one of their clients to ask, 'Why aren't we on this?'"

    So true. #

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