My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-11

by Dave in

  • “@MichaelJohnston: re-uploading” @MacGeekGab 385 AAC now.

    Thanks, Michael. #

  • Next time through a TSA checkpoint ask the agent if the X-ray will damage the camera roll in your iPhone. #
  • Hey, Normy, it's a little known fact that I'm the undisputed master of applying those plastic iPhone/iPod/iPad screen protectors. #
  • Set break view of my work station for the night. #
  • “@TheLoop1: On the new iPad's name”

    Well said, @flargh. #

  • Even my microcell is 4G now. Wow. Amazing. #
  • Apparently conntrack has a bug that, if invoked *just* the right way, can take a server offline. Nice to find that out the hard way. :( #
  • Wow. Can you tell that all my daughter's friends got cell phones on or around the Pagan Winter Festival? #
  • Pro tip: don't heat the stoneware from the crockpot on the stove. It might crack.

    Related: tonight I'm shopping for a new crockpot. #

  • The drug use and language are something we've already discussed. #
  • Hmm. My 10yo son wants to read Isaacson's Jobs bio. I didn't read with that filter in mind. Anything in there bad for him to read? #
  • It's not great when friends' sites have trouble keeping up with liveblog load, but it is great seeing TMO's engine handling it no sweat! :) #
  • Anyone have the URL for the ipsw files of 5.1 today? #damnedbetasoftware #
  • “@jonseff: Try OTA?”

    Ahh, yup. That works. Thanks! #

  • Never seen this before #ios51 #
  • Has anyone successfully placed an iPad order yet? #we #039;llbebacksoon #
  • So Apple's going to wait until the 16th to name the new iPad? ;) #
  • I may be doing this earlier than I should, but I'd like to thank @maccast (and @sbswift before him) for our awesome liveblog engine. :) #
  • “@MacObserverLive: "That brings us to iPad..."”

    Follow along at #

  • Too. Much. JavaScript. For. Safari. To. Handle. #12liveblogsistoomuch #
  • Quickly, grab your iPad 2. Savor in the feeling of knowing you're holding the latest and greatest tablet available. Don't get used to it. :) #
  • Over at @fromedome has some interesting analysis of Apple's top 25 paid/free apps lists. #
  • I'd never heard of Bradford Cox before, but playing the requested "My Sharona" for an hour is brilliant. #
  • Installing Silverlight. And worrying. #
  • “@SnakeArtworX: What about Remote app for iOS?”

    It sucks. Routinely crashes after 4th or 5th slide. #

  • Anything out there that's better than the Kensington Wireless Presenter. Need something for the (non-IR-equipped) MacBook Air. #
  • "You mean this GREAT tasting orange beverage with pulplike substances added costs pennies LESS than the leading brand?"

    Wrong again, honey. #

  • Well our happy and seemingly healthy ball python has shown absolutely no interest in food for almost 6 weeks. Any experts out there? #
  • "The hopeful depend on a world without end, whatever the hopeless may say" #

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