My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

by Dave in

  • Came back from the restroom to find the family finishing an interview with FOX25 Boston news. #
  • Our escorts to the gate. :) #
  • “@NEFirebuff: Boston MA: Aircraft incident: Jetblue flight 470. 148 souls on board. Landing runway 33L in about 2 minutes”

    We landed ok. #

  • Well that was fun. @JetBlue captain informed is that we were low on hydraulic fluid in landing gear. Braced for impact, but all was fine. #
  • AT&T Clarifies (and effectively renders useless) “Unlimited” Data Plans in New Policy -- Might as well move to 3GB plan #
  • At the zoo, but this one doesn't care. #
  • “@JeffLynch: No wonder Steve hated DVDs.”

    Especially Blu-ray. #

  • At least the damned previews on the Blockbuster movie worked, just not the main feature. Unbelievable. #
  • Movie we rented from Blockbuster wouldn't play, but the copy I downloaded from BitTorrent worked great. The kids learned a valuable lesson. #
  • Alright, Apple, I need you to announce WWDC within the next week so I can sort out my summer Phishing schedule. Atlantic City beckons. #
  • OH: "Marcia Brady must have been heartbroken when she heard the news of Davy Jones's passing." #
  • Vultures ... vulturing. @MyBuschGardens #
  • Practically no lines today, so much so that @MyBuschGardens actually feels like *MY* Busch Gardens. :) #
  • Today @wa11_y brings us the final multi-cam tune from Cirque du Mac 9 with "Superstition" (quoting "Purple Haze", too) #
  • Natural list. #
  • Boo? Hiss. #
  • Time to dry out. #
  • Enjoying the swamp. #
  • I hope every act follows these new ticketing policies. It's risky, tho, because you have less chance of selling out. #
  • And some smaller friends, too. #
  • Met some friends in the Everglades today. #
  • Yet another awesome multi-camera mix from @wa11_y of last month's Cirque du Mac. This one of "Badge" #

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