My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

by Dave in

  • That's good, @dropbox. I like Snickers. #
  • Today's meditation: what would it be like if they gave everyone LSD as they boarded the plane? #
  • Despite a likely 30-minute delay, I still like the 11:30am departure time for a flight to start vacation. No early wakeup, just relaxed. :) #
  • Awesome video of Cirque du Mac from @wa11_y and his 4-camera crew (@chuckjoiner @spsheridan @donmcallister, I think?) #
  • Wow, @JetBlue, I didn't realize you needed my whole 27" screen to check me into a flight. #
  • Mystery solved. After EFI update Lion lost my chosen boot disk preference and booted from my clone (which happens at 6:30pm!). #
  • Really odd. I quit all my apps and let Software Update install the EFI. Upon reboot my Mac launched all the apps that were open at 6:30pm. #
  • We might complain about these EFI updates being wonky, but the sad part is when Apple stops issuing them for your Mac. #gettingolder #
  • Because, you know, hey, who needs an <HTML> tag anyway? #
  • Question from ProTools-using friend: Buy used Quad-Core 2.8 Xeon Mac Pro for $1200 or buy new Nehalem box for $2200? I'm thinking latter... #
  • I just realized I've only been snowshoeing once this season. That plus snow on Halloween = Very odd winter, indeed. #
  • I hate that my photo stream is cluttered with iPhone screenshots. :( #
  • "We're sorry you have trouble logging into your @redbox account. The only solution is for us to delete your account and then reregister." #
  • Big Star is great for headcolds. Starting with "Back Of A Car" #
  • What we have this morning is what my Texas friends would call a lot of snow. #ididntnotice #
  • I found Walking Dead tolerable right up until the most recent episode. What crap. #
  • Pancake of Gypsys #ReplaceBandNamesWithPancake #
  • Can you tel me why he's so happy today? #funwithnumbers #
  • All it would take is one US airline to decide it's ok for us to read on our iPads during takeoff and everyone else would have to follow. #
  • “@AppleInvestor: In any kind of negotiation, your ability to walk away is your strongest tool.”

    So true. #

  • OH: "have you ever been roofied?" "yeah, I've been roofied ... I think 3 times?"

    Uhh ... Time to change your life, don'tchya think? #

  • You guys know I'm a big Madonna fan, right? Always have been. #
  • Something's changed in the last few weeks with @MacGeekGab. I feel like we're even exceding the energy we had when we started. Good stuff! #
  • Ok, how the hell do I get @Tripit to stop sending emails out to everyone I've ever friended when I put a booking out there? It's stupid. #
  • Purpose for afore-requested software ideas is to be able to quickly chart out a measure or 4 of a drum groove for teaching & cheat-sheets. #
  • Anyone have recommendations for good Mac or iOS software for charting out drum music quick? #
  • Yum. Just made plans for extended family brunch @STREETfood360 today. #
  • RT @HangoverAIan: What I hate most about Twitter is finishing a great tweet, having -1 characters left, and then having to decide which ... #

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