My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

by Dave in

  • “@skidmorep: @DaveHamilton @Leonce @mangochutney when it's called the iPad 2S, you're gonna feel real silly.”

    LOL! #


    “@Leonce: Confirmed: iPad 3 will be called 'iPad 3', will feature a touch screen and Apple logo.” #

  • Aftwr a long gig it's always a great feeling to have the car packed and ready to go. #
  • Ok, @Osfoora for Mac, you've twice now retweeted the *wrong* thing. I click on one tweet, you retweet a different one #uifail #
  • I'm very content with my current lineup of watches, and it's been a while since something has caught my eye, but did. #
  • (and, yes, @Osfoora for Mac supports Tweet Market, which is coincidentally interesting based on today's earlier rantings.) #
  • So @Osfoora for Mac is out. #
  • And for the love of all that's good and pure can we please have a smoother upgrade process with 10.8 than we did with 10.7? #
  • This "update OS X annually" thing is an interesting way to deal with all the people still afraid to install Lion due to its quirks. #
  • It's surprisingly easy to type accurately on my iPhone wearing these NuTouch Gloves. Of course, the phone keeps slipping out of my hand... #
  • For the record, I like @chockenberry and his team a lot, and i really hope they can do a good job updating @twitterific for Mac. #
  • So… nothing decent on the Mac supports Tweet Marker? I know @twitterific does, but it's kind of a UI mess that also lacks customization. #
  • RT @comex I want Tweetbot for Mac.

    Preach on, man. I'm with ya. #

  • Thanks, all -- I'll try @twitterific on the Mac again. I couldn't get used to it last time I tried, but maybe it's changed. #
  • Is there anything decent on the Mac that uses Tweet Marker? #
  • Yep, sans VMWare tools installed the installation works fine. #
  • Re-attempting with a clean install not upgrade install to see if it was the VMWare Tools that caused issue. #
  • So… my Mountain Lion attempts within VMWare Fusion 4.1.0 have been unsuccessful. ;) #
  • So, let's see. Mountain Lion = Panther = Puma.

    I think we're recycling cats a little too much here. (10.8, 10.3, 10.1) #

  • “@johnbiggs: @DaveHamilton did you reboot?”

    D'oh -- No. :) I left the installer in the background and then just clicked on Messages in Dock #

  • Well, Messages is definitely beta software. Preferences is grayed out for me. Can't get it to do anything. #
  • Mountain Lion (developer preview) makes its first (semi-)public roar. #
  • FCC says written consent required for robocalls #
  • Starting at the 17:30 mark, @BodyofBreen plants the seed that will grow into the monumental groove of "Feelin' Alright" #
  • Videos from @chuckjoiner of the Macworld All-Star Band from Cirque du Mac 9 are up #
  • “@nikf: @DaveHamilton we have to start somewhere. Watch this space :)”

    Fair enough. And I like the UI, so I *will* be watching. ;) #

  • Not grokking the @UseClear fascination. Clean UI, but why release a to-do app that doesn't sync with iCloud/CalDAV on multiple devices? #
  • Tim Cook Speech Reveals Passion for Apple Products via @macobserver #
  • Hearing Tim Cook talk about Siri right now it's clear he's an excitable guy... passionate about products. I've never heard this before. #
  • With Phish not doing a festival this year, my wife is really pushing for us to do Bonnaroo. Tough to schedule, but might be worth it. Hrm... #
  • Found some old vids from 2000 of the blues rock trio I played with in Texas. & Filmed by @TMOBryan #
  • Tip: don't lie about your termination date on your resume just to hide the employment gap and the fact you were fired. Easily investigated. #
  • Awesome graphic from @TMO_Bryan showing Apple's recent dips and rise to $502.60 #
  • I've somehow avoided it, but I think for many reasons (including serving our listeners) it might be time to add a Mac Mini to my home setup. #
  • This video by @spsheridan really captures and communicates the vibe of all that is @MacworldExpo. Amazing work! #
  • We apologize for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible have just been sacked. #
  • It's time to Ferberize that damned puppy. #
  • OH: "you sound like dozen" #

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