My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

by Dave in

  • Cake competition. #thatsnomoon #
  • It's really true, during a traffic event @varnishcache will serve stuff up right to the limits of your server's network card! It's awesome! #
  • I love @MailChimp, but any time I set a campaign to schedule in the future it always seems to go a day later than I expected. #
  • Another yummy tip today @MacObserver from Melissa Holt -- OS X Lion: Replacing the “Show/Hide” Button in Finder #
  • McCartney's voice sounds fantastically clear through that Telefunken U47. Probably fairly unaffected, too. Amazing mic. #
  • I'm really impressed with the HD video in this stream. Amazingly well done (using MBAir -> plasma via HDMI) #McCartneyLive #
  • This Macca thing gets infinitely more interesting when Paul takes a break from singing. His band - unsurprisingly - kicks ass. #
  • Ok, so I'm a huge fan of both jazz (incl. standards) and McCartney, but clearly not together. Is the set list supposed to improve? #
  • Spotify kept stopping at the house. Finally realized my daughter and I were having spotify contention. #firstworldproblems #
  • Alright, I'm liking SugarSync better than Dropbox these days. If you want to try it out, we each get a 500MB bonus. :) #
  • I should note that the timing of the balloon drop at Cirque 9 was a surprise to the band, too. @JohnnieBackBeat timed it all on his own. :) #
  • Vonage Mobile for iPhone Offers Free Calls and is better on battery life than Skype #
  • I'm thinking about when I'm driving. There's all those cars behind me, and I don't know where they're going. #
  • I'm sure Max Von Sydow is great in "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close," but I doubt it'll outdo his performance in "Strange Brew." #
  • The stylus will suck for smartphones right up until the day Apple tells us it doesn't. #
  • Sad to see the Pats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They had the game in their hands and threw it away (with 4 incompletes in a row) #
  • Based on what you all are saying I'm glad I got up for a bio break during what must have been the Go Daddy ad. #beerhasapurpose #
  • Whoever thought they were screwed with 2-0 as the first score of the game in the pool just got a lot happier. #
  • Because I'm sure the world agrees that the potty-training and teething and all of that is just the most terrible thing in the world. #
  • Would anyone else be interested in a service where you take your freshly-bought puppy and hand it to someone else to raise for 8 months? #
  • Star Trek Enterprise coffee table. Do want. #

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