My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-05

by Dave in

  • Since we got new windows in the house I've had lots of trouble starting an updraft in the fireplace flu. Means the windows seal well though! #
  • Theory: Young, local referees will ruin youth sports #
  • I enjoy a really close, nailbiter of a football game. Sunday, though, I'd be ok with a blowout. 44-0 Pats ahead at the half, please. #
  • And this short, but quite bouncy "Feelin' Alright" clip ;) #
  • Video from Cirque du Mac has been notably missing, though I just found this short clip of "You May Be Right" #
  • Hey, go me. Looks like I earned some money for our local youth association in the @gosphero press challenge at CES! #
  • โ€œ@timothygregoire: the only ads I block are the flash based ads.โ€

    A-OK by me! We tell advertisers not to use Flash. Some listen. :) #

  • I'm always amazed at readers who think that web content like @MacObserver is free to read. It's not. Viewing our ads is your payment method. #
  • Melissa Holt posted some great Time-Saving Terminal Tips today #
  • It should be said that we <3 @varnishcache. #
  • It's time to feed that snake. #thisaintlikemakingdonutskid #
  • OK, yup. I'm sick. Got the Macworld | iWorld | Airplane | Hotel Cold.

    Also, living in Eastern Pacific Standard Time isn't good, either. #

  • Great article by @jmartellaro about the upcoming IPv6 transition #
  • Of course it's not accurate! It's a bunch of grown men dressing in costume looking to a groundhog to inform them of the change of season! #
  • It's a good thing tonight was just a rehearsal. I played like crap. Couldn't get my hands to do anything I asked. #
  • Got big lanes! Got big lanes! #
  • Snake knot! #
  • My son, this morning: "The school is really threatening children's lives with their food choices." #
  • Pot pies ... for dessert! This is brilliant! Just 69ยข each! #
  • I saw a lion he was standing alone with a tadpole in a jar. #
  • All the comments I rec'd about the band's setlist at Cirque du Mac were about NEW tunes we added. I guess we need even more new ones for 10? #
  • It's been a long time since I slept until 10am. #stillonPST #deserveditanyway #
  • Since many have asked: iMessage consumes data when she sends pictures with it. Data is limited, MMS/SMS is not (with her plan). #
  • (to manage my daughter's data usage) is it possible to disable iMessage for her phone number and leave it active for her email address? #
  • It seems like every time I travel I come home to yet another pet in the house. It appears to have happened again. #
  • Well, so far it seems to have been worth getting up (briefly) at 3:45 am to quickly grab my 1st class upgrade on @VirginAmerica. #
  • X-ray agent: "I think the items in this bag need a divorce."

    Seems my uber-awesome job of packing all my electronics has consequences. :) #

  • Leaving SF after the show each year is always tough. Excited to go home to family, sad to leave my brothers and sisters I see here each year #
  • Just finished a fantastic end of the week dinner with @paulkent @BodyofBreen @dwiskus @bynkii and Terrie. Now ready to head home. :) #

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