My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

by Dave in

  • Wow. Nice to see registration lines on the last day of the show. #macworldiworld #
  • Now I'm supposed to go to sleep? #cirquedumac #alwaystoowiredaftergigs #
  • Thanks, everyone, for sharing the energy with us tonight. Truly a fantastic thing we all have together. #cirquedumac #
  • #cirquedumac Yup. #
  • Heading to the show floor Live stage @MacworldExpo to interview @dollydrive at 1pm. Then @MacGeekGab in rm 2011 at 2pm. Come say hi! #
  • “@SebastienPage: How to Interpret the Serial Number of Your iPhone 4”

    Cool stuff for iPhone 4 owners. #

  • At 3pm PST today, @johnfbraun and I will be soon "Meet The Podcasters" at the Smile kiosk in the OS X Dev Zone (228). Come say hi! :) #
  • Heading to room 2007 at 11am PST to teach my "Backing up your Mac" session here @MacworldExpo. Come on by and join us! #
  • More than ever I am looking forward to Cirque du Mac. Rehearsal was fantastic. Going to be tough to cut songs down to fit the single set. #
  • Funny being late to a Garmin meeting because Google Maps misdirected me. Sick of Google's crappy map data. I don't recommend relying on it. #
  • Looks like all the letters for the @MacworldExpo marquis haven't arrived yet. At least they secured the pipe character! #
  • Got my justice against the seat kickers. Have entire exit row to myself, kicker asked if he could move up. I declined and took middle seat. #
  • These college kids are getting goatse and lemonparty "A Clockwork Orange" style ALL FLIGHT LONG. #
  • Alright. That's it. Find me my toothpicks. #
  • If these kids behind me whack my seat anymore I'm going to lose it. #youwontlikemewhenimangry #
  • I don't know who's going to be worse on this flight: the screaming baby in front or the kids returning to college behind. Toss up. Wagers? #
  • The @VirginAmerica waiting area at BOS (with our 3hr delay) looks like a homeless shelter for people with laptops. Cords strewn everywhere. #
  • Few things bring people together faster than travel woes. Found a kindred spirit and we lamented the death of AA's BOS-SFO nonstops. ;) #
  • Still, props to @VirginAmerica for the advance notice in both cases. Better than getting to airport and finding out. :) #
  • Today @VirginAmerica already has me delayed 90 minutes for a 7pm flight, presumably because lone aircraft is delayed earlier in the day. #
  • Last January I was notified 3 days in advance by @VirginAmerica that my flight was canceled because they couldn't get plane to SFO. #
  • I think this will be my last time flying @VirginAmerica in winter. They don't seem to have enough planes operating to buffer weather delays. #
  • I like flying @VirginAmerica and I trust their abilities, but using their website always makes me feel like an early, early alpha tester. #

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