My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

by Dave in

  • "Hard to Handle" from Etta James, Grateful Dead, Tower of Power Horns on NYE '82. Nice. :) #
  • Am I the only one who thinks that the Superbowl would be much better for everyone if moved to SATURDAY night instead of Sunday? #
  • RIP Etta James. Thanks for sharing all that soul with us all. #
  • This is an astounding choice as a (seemingly?) default setting. :( #
  • I don't understand these "all edges" brownie pans. Am I the only one who prefers the luscious, gooey middle and doesn't care for the crust? #
  • There's nothing wrong with iBooks Author EULA if you treat the software as *part of the store*. It's not free, just different payment model. #
  • Live HD Video sampler of FLING from a recent gig of ours. Sound is as it was live, energy is awesome. #
  • When @Lefsetz is right, he's right: "That's the dirty little secret of being creative. You know what is A+ work. But it comes so rarely." #
  • Nice to see Apple (via Schiller now) still preaching the "change the world" vibe. #
  • Agreed! RT @GlennF 5 GB = 3 GB plan @ $30 + two 1 GB overages at $10 each. Tethering should be available at all levels + overage fees. #
  • Me, at dinner: "would you like to tell me about mitosis or shall I tell you about a different reproductive process."

    It worked. #

  • You guys are gonna LOVE all the facts I make up tomorrow knowing you can't check them 'cause Wikipedia will be offline. #
  • I should note that the sleeping iMac in this case is locked-up and unwakeable. #
  • Troubleshooting: When my iMac goes to sleep it takes every Ethernet device on the network offline. Powering off iMac brings everything back. #
  • Either I'm stupid or the new XBox interface is, but I can't for the life of me find my active downloads window. #
  • TripIt Pro Code claimed! #
  • Ok, I got a free TripIt Pro code that I can't use because I'm already a paid member. First follower to ask for it gets it from me via DM. :) #
  • My wife and I watched "Disturbia" last night. Better than expected, good homage to "Rear Window," one of my Hitchcock favorites. #
  • As a Patriots fan I'd like to see Green Bay lose today, but I *do* realize the Giants are not an easy team for the Pats to beat. Hrm. #

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