My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

by Dave in

  • These new McDonald's look like someone scalped the top right off! #
  • My son blocked 10 shots on net, let no goals in, earning himself a shutout in his first game in goal.

    Safe to say hockey went well. :) #

  • Seems the official CES app doesn't comply with Apple's in-app purchase rules? I'm sure Apple wants their 30% of $3k. #
  • And now, time to make the hockey. My son, normally skating out and our team's top scorer on the season, is subbing in net today. Yikes! #
  • We checked, and Verizon says they have no plans to require LTE on new smartphones. #
  • To clarify my second point: I'm more looking for just how you search for movies to watch, in general. Seems I've lost touch with that… #
  • Lazy Tweet #2 Related to #1 prior, I realize I have no good process to decide what movies to rent/stream. What sources/methods do you us? #
  • Lazy Tweet #1 Good movie to get for family with 10-12 year olds? Massive sex references, bad, all else OK. ;) #
  • I have 100 Free @macworldexpo Exhibit Passes (or $85 iFan passes) for you. Use code BPA99808 at while they last! #
  • “@iDownloadBlog: Mole Kart is a Mario Kart Clone That Won’t Last Long in the App Store”

    Wow, they're not kidding. #

  • Where's Perry?

    Apparently he's with iHome. #

  • It's always funny at CES: seems like half the plane boards when they call Executive Platinum. #
  • Mind blown. Sonomax Eers changes the custom-fit earphone game forever. Do it yourself customs with fantastic sound for $199. Amazing. #
  • 5:24am, LAS VEGAS, NV: Time to make the podcast. #
  • Liquipel: Waterproof iPhones Without a Case #
  • AAPL Proxy Statement Shows Tim Cook's 2011 Compensation Package Was Worth $377 Million via #
  • Still trying to shake off the memories of Tweet Choir. #
  • Kinect is coming to Windows on February 1st. #
  • Maybe all those Steve Jobs keynotes spoiled me, but I don't comprehend the decision to program a Sesame Street segment in for a tech crowd. #
  • Balmer says people will be "kind of impressed" with what they show tonight.

    Ummm... thanks, buddy #

  • CES's Shapiro says CES expresses "gratitude and goodwill" towards Microsoft. #
  • Being #23 on the upgrade list sealed my fate. At least my window seat is in a row of all 6-foot-plus guys.

    The joys of traveling to #CES #

  • Tried the upside-down technique in the fireplace earlier today. Resulted in a glorious 18-log rage instead of a long-lasting fire. Awesome! #

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