My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

by Dave in

  • Laser Tops! #
  • I think the Patriots are due a few make-up penalties here.

    Weird watching live. Usually TiVo'd & can't read twitter. :) #

  • “@johnfbraun: This is why you should have gotten a Hummer.”

    It's true. Hummer's have had that feature since inception. #

  • Ya know, my car has run-flat tires and will tell me if my tires are ever low. Why not add an air compressor in to allow me to regulate it? #
  • Wow, this dude rocks a solo version of Baba O'Riley like nothing I've ever seen. #
  • Louis CK shows 3 keys to selling non-DRM'ed content:

    1. New content 2. Prior awareness of the art or artist 3.. Targeted at 20-50yr olds #

  • I had to de-ice Santa's rotor blades this morning. #
  • One thing I'm looking forward to this holiday season is an unbadged App Store icon, bereft of any updates for a whole week. #ManagingMyOCD #
  • Four F/A-18's just blasted off from PSM and headed over the house. Love it! :) #
  • Questions Linger on Safety of Airport Body Scanners (aka Why Radiate Your Skin Unnecessarily?) #illtakethepatdownplease #
  • Almost going to make it two days with my iPhone 4S batte #
  • “@MacObserver: iOS Kindle Update Adds Textbook Support, Kindle Magazines”

    Good to see continued iOS updates #

  • "All in favor of slapping the goat…" #
  • "What do you think the top priority is of getting that fixed immediately?"

    <nudge><nudge><wink><wink> #

  • I love my Harmony remotes. These things are fantastic. #
  • Crowdsource opinion please: tipping etiquette for Windows installers. Is it expected, or only for exemplary work? Typically how much? #
  • "This is WCA calling for anyone that has taken an anti-depressant drug while pregnant."

    Um, can you say, "terribly inaccurate targeting?" #

  • (For those of you playing along at home with my iowait game, no swap is being used, plenty of RAM available even during loads, etc) #
  • Mysterious causes of iowait on a webserver (and similarly unexplainable disappearances) are NOT what I want to wake up to, tyvm. #
  • “@CoryImdieke: considering anti-glare screen protector for my 4S. Endorsement?”

    Yes! Love them on my iPhone, iPad, & Kindle Fire. #

  • I believe I have successfully communicated to our new window installers that "if it isn't perfect at first, if will be eventually." :) #
  • Anyone know of an iOS-based MP3 player that will show the ID3 Comments field? #
  • 8 degrees F is really cold, man. #
  • When will all the hipsters give up on Pabst Blue Ribbon and start drinking Meister Brau? #
  • Attention Lowe's window installation dude who insisted on getting here at 7am: it's 7:45 AND YOU HAVEN'T DONE A GODDAMNED THING YET. #
  • One-upmanship:

    "On a tree"

    "In a styrofoam cup"

    "In a juice bottle"

    "Through a funnel out the door of a moving school bus"

    Endgame. #

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