My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

by Dave in

  • My wife says she's going to send me a list of the things I should only talk to myself about. #
  • I have 6 twelve-year-old girls in my house. Saturday nights at usually much quieter for me. You know, at rock gigs. #
  • I'm gonna let them fight it out. #
  • Need Expert FIleMaker help. Network query on calculated field taking forever, not sure how to index/store to make more efficient. Help? #
  • This whole dental-cleaning-twice-per-year thing is a scam.

    Just like how the word "repeat" doubled shampoo business revenues. #

  • Photo Gallery of Apple’s New Renderings for Spaceship HQ #
  • Just disembarked the RC Navigator after 8 days in the Caribbean with the family. Great vacation, fantastic time together. Now to BOS via FLL #

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