My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-27

by Dave in

  • Now boarding... See you in a week! #
  • Waiting on the pier in FLL while the Coast Guard does some ship-wide inspection. Anyone out there know someone who can speed this up? :) #
  • annnnd.... bye! #
  • I always enjoy glancing in my closet before leaving on a long trip, wondering how much I've forgotten to pack. #
  • State Farm gets huge brilliance points for using "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" as the foundation for their TV commercial. #
  • I've got both the cuckoo clock and the grandfather clock pendulums balances such that they both keep excellent time. #nobatteriesrequired #
  • These little minis are perfectly-sized for the kids' lunch boxes. #
  • 4S went from burning 10%/hr to 5%/hr after I deleted and re-added my IMAP account. Something wacky. #
  • I have noticed that my 4S drains battery less when NOT within data range (3G or Wifi). Tells me it's doing too much when data is active. #
  • I sure am going to miss Siri when I trade my 4S with my wife for her 4, but I can't take this battery crap anymore. #
  • "We are preparing an update" from @VMWareFusion is unclear what that update will "fix", hopefully not much. :) #
  • Saw the Flecktones original lineup tonight. 4 musicians who reinvented their instruments by ignoring people who said it was impossible. #

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