My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

by Dave in

  • Quicken on Lion, here I come. Thanks @VMWareFusion #
  • Anyone else get a midnight email from Amazon indicating an update to the Kindle edition of "Steve Jobs" was available? What's different? #
  • So glad to hear that @RichardGarriott's "Man On a Mission" is finally going to be shared with the world. Opens in theaters and VOD 1/13/2012 #
  • Still frustrated by the 4S's 10% per hour battery drain when idle. #
  • A brand new Kindle Fire (which, remember, was just released) needs a software update before I can even use it?!?? #
  • Built "Hello World" iOS app with my son. Thanks @runrevkev for making that possible with LiveCode. #riteofpassage #bucketlist #
  • The waiting room here at Comcast brings together all walks of life for shared misery. #
  • Me: Whatchya doing?

    Her: Moving all the charges for our upcoming vacation from my credit card to yours. #

  • The first half of this Pats/Jets game was interesting. The second half has just been *fun* :) #

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