My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-13

by Dave in

  • Based on your responses to my previous tweet I'd like to make it official: the iPhone 4S's battery-life is a lemonparty. #
  • I'm beginning to believe in an iPhone 4S battery-life fix about as much as I believe in unicorns. #
  • "Democracy kills bands, never forget it."

    -@lefsetz, while talking about "Super Session" #

  • My interview with @danielpunkass from @mactechconf is now live -- thanks go to @jmartellaro for the transcription. #
  • I think we wind up using Find my iPhone about twice per month in my house. #
  • Number porting question: Comcast (new provider) is telling me to call Vonage (old provider) to get Vonage to do switch. Seems odd to me? #
  • Awesome. Comcast voicemail finally will email me the WAV file of the message. Time to drop Vonage. #
  • Even after months of using Lion, at times I still feel like I'm clunking around inside the OS, especially Safari. Not good. #
  • “@flargh: Much better than 404, I'm sure.”

    Indeed!! #

  • Heading on a family cruise at the end of the month and my wife just informed me of our stateroom number: 6502

    The Apple geek in me is happy #

  • I do love our new Bosch dishwasher. It's ridiculously quiet at 46dB, and cleans the dishes like they used to be when we had phosphate soap. #
  • No, I won't share my bank balances or my Tivo's Now Playing list with you. That data is simply too personal. #
  • Today's lesson: when your sole value to me is working one deal and then you lose that deal, by definition we're no longer working together. #
  • My interview with Boinx's @flo_muc done while we were at @mactechconf is now up for your education and enjoyment! :) #
  • Fox Mulder's Wristwatches

    Because its the Internet, that's why. #

  • Wouldn't you agree? #
  • Shorn or buttery? #
  • Joy is 3 6-foot-plus guys sharing the exit row. Calgon, take me away. #

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