My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

by Dave in

  • Met a guy last night who, back in late 90's, rec'd $2400 worth of YHOO options just for changing his rocketmail address to! #
  • As soon as I stepped outside I realized the main reason it was darker than I'm used to: tall buildings block sunlight. #
  • LA is weird. Why is it pitch black at 7am? We don't even have that in New Hampshire where we have MUCH less sunlight, generally speaking. #
  • So sad to hear about Andy Rooney's passing. #
  • Watching @maccast and @podfeet talk about the non-technical aspects of podcasting. #bwela #
  • About to start our dream team podcasting sponsorship panel with @macgenie @markfuccio @MacSparky 1:45, Room 406A #bwela #
  • It's ridiculous that doing a full HD video chat in Skype uses less CPU than watching a 300x250 Flash ad on my MacBook Air. #
  • Leaving @mactechconf and heading to #BWELA now. LA traffic is ... Interesting. :) #
  • We have always been happy to be a media sponsor of @mactechconf but now that I've attended I'm *proud* we're media sponsors. Awesome event. #
  • Cable dilemma solved by walking into hotel bar full of geeks. Thanks all! #mactechconf #
  • Anyone here at @mactechconf have a USB to Mini-USB cable? (the older style like one might use with a digital camera) #
  • "iCloud is a fad" @guykawasaki at @mactechconf #

    After all these years of having the same IP at home, seems this power outage resulted in someone else getting mine. :( #

  • Ask and ye shall receive. Power restored in Wedgewood subdivision of Durham. Thanks, @psnh! #
  • Just realized I forgot both my main *and* backup headphones. Rookie travel mistake. Looks like I'm in for some costly airport shopping! #
  • I need to get used to not having a character limit with iMessages from my phone. Still in SMS-thinking mode. #
  • Something must be up with my spam filter, because I still haven't seen my "upgrade confirmed" email from AA for my BOS->LAX flight tonight. #
  • At the orthodontist getting braces for our first child. I think I'm supposed to take a LIFE tile for this, right? #
  • Another evening looking for @psnh trucks on the Pinecrest side of the Wedgewood subdivision in Durham. We never seem to be first in line. #
  • The best FileMaker hosting service is? #
  • iMessage makes me feel like I'm sticking it to the man, but with unlimited SMS and data tiers, I think I'm the one getting stuck. #

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