My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

by Dave in

  • Oh joy. You know, I would have much preferred to sleep last night than be introduced to this awesome head cold.

    ROCKIN'!! #

  • Just realized my iMac had been booted off the clone drive today for some reason. Very odd, but explains why spotlight didn't work! #
  • Some days the press release deluge I receive is made worthwhile.

    I just got a note about a product that protects my balls from my laptop. #

  • Well that was quite a drought we all went through, but Beavis & Buthead is back, and all is again right with the world. #
  • Not even Halloween and we have our first snow. #
  • You gotta admire the gusto, though he clearly needs to learn some tact. #
  • Text from son: "You woke me up later than I wanted so I forgot my Pokemon deck, would you please bring it to school?"

    Time to cancel SMS. #

  • This might be old news, but I just typed "godaddy" into my browser bar, and it looks like OpenDNS tagged it with an affiliate code. #
  • So @nest looks cool, and it might save me money over my current programmable thermostats, but it would be $1000 to Nest my 4-zone house. #
  • So Springsteen played the Stone Pony, which is cool

    It was a benefit for Boston College. Does BC really need the help? #

  • Seems Amazon's whole pre-order price guarantee saved me that $2 I wanted. #
  • Amazon just billed me for -- and auto-downloaded to my Kindle -- the Jobs biography I pre-ordered back in March. #
  • We're now that family where all of us have iPhones (4S, 4, 3GS, 3G). Better than being that family with 2 iPhones sitting dormant. I think. #
  • For those of you who've been asking, yes, it seems iOS 5 supports time setting via NTP even on WiFi-only iPads #

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