My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-23

by Dave in

  • Because we all need 4 tuners #
  • Hey developers! Attending @mactechconf? We're doing another round of developer interviews and profiles. Info here: #
  • Migration Assistant really doesn't like to pull data back from Lion to Snow Leopard. Doable, but… not pretty. #
  • It's a good thing Apple built the iPad 2, otherwise we'd just have to throw away all those crappy digital cameras. #
  • News teaser: "How much did he have to drink, and why were his pants down?"

    Me: "Now do you kids understand why we don't watch the news?" #

  • Ohh no. He missed the bible question because he did not know who Duteronomy was. #
  • As I'm sure is true of many of you, I've become a master at applying those clear shields for iPhone/iPod glass. #
  • How come when I call Apple's customer service it doesn't support FaceTime? #
  • Yup, I'm shifting a volume using Drive Genius's repartition command. Risky, I know, but I'm fairly confident. ;) #
  • Jeff Vogel: Why You Can't Have Every Game for $1 (from @macintoshgames) #
  • Yeah, how come I can selectively choose which fields of my vCard to share on my Mac but not on my iPhone? #
  • Here's to hoping @donmcallister's 4S battery life fix works for me, too. iPhone 4S in DFU recovery process now. #
  • Best part about having Sonos? I can trigger up James Brown as soon as the mood strikes for an early morning family funky chicken dance. #
  • If you have a white iPhone 4(or 4S), close one eye and stare at the Apple logo on the back. You can see your eye, dude! It's awesome! #
  • iPhone 4S started the day with full charge. I spent 13 minutes on the phone and had maybe another 20 minutes of usage. Now 9% battery. :( #
  • "No, I think removing the incoming mail account because she can't send mail out is a very BAD idea." #
  • "If you're telling me the mail server looks like it's properly configured, why do you believe the problem is the mail server configuration?" #
  • "Mom, you have to stop going to the Verizon store for tech support with your iPhone. Apple knows better." #
  • My experience with AT&T both on the phone and in the stores this weekend was fantastic. You all seeing the same across the board? #
  • I'm becoming quite fond of Siri's way of thinking. #
  • I hope that, upon seeing iMessage, the people responsible for gouging us on SMS fees gave up on life and crawled into a hole in the woods. #

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