My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-16

by Dave in

  • At the UNH hockey game and I totally forgot to wear my blue and white body suit! #
  • This 4S is definitely snappier than the 4 was. No question about it. #
  • I'm jealous of Windows users who can use iCloud without being forced to upgrade to an OS that's only 3-months old. I need SL for some things #
  • The result of a Snow Leopard to Lion upgrade is a sadness. #
  • I maintain 4 Macs, and the combination of Lion, MobileMe, & iCloud have conspired to make me understand what it's like to be a Windows user. #
  • Just remember, The Beach Boys did all of that long before (and certainly without) ever using auto-tune. Amazing, really. #
  • It's sad that Douglas Adams never lived to see this. #
  • Ok, having Siri call me Dave is a little spooky. #
  • Siri is getting repetitive with her answers.

    "Sorry, I'm having trouble connecting to the network." #

  • So it seems my activation with AT&T went through. Restoring apps and such now. #
  • iPhone 4S, where the "S" is for Super Sexy activation process.

    That fails. #

  • "Could Not Activate iPhone"

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat. #

  • "It may take up to 3 minutes to activate your iPhone." #
  • When I was your age, we camped out and waited in line for concert tickets, not iPhones. #
  • Are brain clouds contagious? #askjoe #
  • Seems wants a CVV even when my billing method is PayPal. #NotFullyTested #
  • Travel tip: @AmericanAir will waive their (exorbitant) $150 change fee if you make your change within 24 hours of booking the reservation. #
  • +1

    “@danfrakes: Now that iOS 5 is out, I can complain about the fact that you can't choose which calendars show up in Notification Center.” #

  • So Apple is good at hardware and software, Google is good at the cloud. Why must we still continue to learn these lessons the hard way? #
  • To clarify, that's iCloud and MobileMe using two *different* account names. #
  • I am logged in to both iCloud and MobileMe on my MacBook Air, but can't get other machines to do it. On Air it happened automatically. ?? #
  • For those who haven't thought it through: migrating to iCloud means losing Mac-to-Mac syncing for apps like Yojimbo that use SyncServices. #
  • What I want is the same on my Mac as I have on iOS: iCloud for PhotoStream, MobileMe for everything else. #notcrazy #
  • Anyone figured out how to have both MobileMe and iCloud active simultaneously (with different accounts) in 10.7.2 yet? #
  • We're researching new windows for the house, and I'm curious as to your thoughts: vinyl or fiberglass? #
  • I lied earlier. My TC *does* show up even if I'm not connected to it. TC was malfunctioning and needed a reboot. Oops. #
  • Unlike AirPort Utility on a Mac which will find *all* base stations even if the Mac's wireless circuit is disabled. #
  • Meaning: If you have AEBS or TC running in 5GHz mode connected to your network the AirPort Utility on a 2.4GHz-only device won't see it. #
  • AirPort Utility is too stupid to find routers connected to the local network. Only finds those it can see wirelessly. #
  • It's about freakin' time. Thank goodness for this.

    Apple Releases AirPort Utility for iPhone, iPad via @macobserver #

  • Pig line. Just like Kids In The Hall. #
  • Reflections of Halloween #
  • Reflections of Halloween #
  • Due to some very logical reasons, I was just walking around in my bathrobe in our yard while shaving. #GoodMorningNeighbor #

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