My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

by Dave in

  • In the end it looks like I'll stick with AT&T. Coverage here is fine, I'm grandfathered unlimited, data is faster, and requires no change. #
  • Ok, yep RTFM. Now I found it. Thanks, all! #
  • Thanks, @schlingel and @MGGJim. Looks like its for cleaning tall items. #
  • We got a new Bosch dishwasher and have no idea what this piece is. Any ideas? #
  • .@Stormchild "Rhythm is good for the mind" -- I like that. A corollary: groove is good for the soul. #
  • This new Bosch dishwasher we got today is gloriously quiet. What do they do, build these things for use in libraries? #
  • "A Day In The Life" is a perfect tune to play in a bar. No one expects it and, if you play it well, everyone falls in love with the band. #
  • Anyone ever convince Verizon to match AT&T-grandfathered unlimited data so that you'll agree to switch? #
  • So some last-minute billing ROI analysis has me thinking VZW may actually be better for me here than AT&T. Now I have TWO 4S's on order. #
  • AT&T Grandfathers Unlimited Data for iPhone 4S #
  • Garage door spring broke as I was backing in, severely bent bottom panel with the car, car surprisingly unscathed. #anythingelsetoday #
  • “@arnoldkim: here's a nice fan-tribute”

    Really nicely done. #

  • There has, most certainly, been a disturbance in the force. #
  • Statement from Apple's Board of Directors. #
  • In some ways I feel like we all have just lost an ally in the world. #
  • Ok, for those of you drummers and Rush fans out there, make sure you know about @takingcenter Releases 10/18 #
  • Mac Roundtable Podcast #105 - @johnfbraun, @MacTipsDaily, @chuckjoiner, @tmasteve, @jgamet, @macsparky, @macosken & me. #
  • Never seen do this before. #
  • Be interesting to see how this dual-core A5 CPU and dual-core graphics duel with the iPhone 4S's battery. #
  • Interesting -- big mention of A5 chip and dual-core graphics on iPhone 4S, but not on iPod touch which is most popular mobile gaming device? #
  • Remember the "10 Best things about X" keynote? We're 34 minutes in and…?? Did they know they weren't forced to hold an event today? #
  • It's a damned shame Apple invites people to cover this event who don't know how to set up servers that can handle the load. #
  • and just like that the 4S image from the japanese site disappeared. #
  • “@flargh: BREAKING: Apple to name iPhones based on Firefox numbering convention.”

    Dammit. I was hoping they'd use Skype's. iPhone #

  • Anyone ever seen images appear in Mac OS X's pop-up dictionary before?? If so, how do you enable it? #
  • The experience of starting our dishwasher has me simultaneously playing the roles of bomb-diffuser and passcode hacker.

    New unit ordered. #

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