My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-02

by Dave in

  • New Hampshire isn't set up with the A/C required for hockey at 72 degrees outside temp. Very foggy on the ice! #
  • And first (matching, even) 5-minute majors for game misconduct at 11:50. #
  • 1st UNH hockey game of the season. First UNH penalty at :07. First UNH short-handed goal at :16.

    This is gonna be fun. :) #

  • If one needed to buy a new dishwasher -- and one does -- what whiz-bang new features can I look forward to as opposed to just replacement? #
  • You always go on stage implicitly trusting your fellow musicians. Some nights you're reminded why. Tonight was one of those nights #greatgig #
  • Best way to reset a Windows Vista administrator password? #
  • With all this fertilizer & seeding we've done, dusk has become an odd time of day.

    It's like color vs. black & white. #

  • Great story from MGG Jim today detailing his process of upgrading the processor on his 2009 Mac Pro #
  • A window into the type of thing we deal with here some days:

    "even if it's not reliable, some data is better than no data"

    Yikes. #

  • “@jaredlbell: I have found that too if I download multiple things at once. The older items disappear.”

    I think that's my situation exactly. #

  • Is it just me or do some things simply not appear in Safari's Downloads list after they've finished? #
  • and if somebody steps on my bunion, I'll shoot you both. #
  • Home sweet home. Actual time on the ground in NYC: 2hr, 57 min. #
  • Booked on a 1pm train. At 11:30am had my lovely wife call to change me to 12pm train. Arrived station at 11:40, got new ticket, got on train #
  • Based on this the airlines need to fix their system. #
  • So yep, that's me over there today at @MacObserverLive and covering whatever it is Amazon's doing today. #
  • It appears I've successfully made it to Manhattan. This place is nuts at 9am. #
  • Why, yes, of course I used "Reveille" as my wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-catch-the-train-to-New York iPhone alarm clock sound. #
  • Awesome work by @stevensande: The secret numerology behind the iPhone event invitation #
  • For Q&A tomorrow: "Excuse me, Mr. Bezos, how many Kindle Fires does it take to heat a Pennsylvania sweatshop?" #
  • Tonight's family dinner discussion: do modern day castrati order neuticles? #
  • When was the last time you did a somersault? I did a few this morning and it was fantastic! #
  • It will be interesting on Wednesday to see if Amazon releases a device that serves the *consumer's* goals or simply Amazon's. #
  • At what time today is it that developers realize they actually hated iTunes match and were better off without it? #

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