My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-25

by Dave in

  • “@maxrudberg:

    Can't touch THAT! #

  • Looks like I'll be in NYC on Wednesday for the Amazon announcement. Should be interesting. #
  • Isn't it kinda weird that Bento is in the MAS, and FileMaker Go is in the iOS App Store, but FileMaker Pro isn't in the MAS? #
  • Indeed. #
  • Sad to see R.E.M. go, insomuch as I'm sad that I won't see them play together again, but glad they're doing it this way #
  • Should I be concerned that my wife has attracted a fan club of gorillas by playing hair metal on #
  • From my daughter re: me saying no to her getting Facebook @ 11yo: "Dude, you bend most of the rules in life. It's like your second job" hrm. #
  • My 11yo daughter says she needs a Facebook account because all her friends have them.

    ...and so it begins. #

  • AT&T Begins Confirming Free 1000 Rollover Minutes from 9/1 offer #
  • EXCLUSIVE: I am certain that there either will or will not be a new design for the iPhone 5 whenever it is released, assuming it ever is. #
  • Perfect timing on today's rain. Got the lawn over-seeded and aerated yesterday, rain today. #charmedlife #
  • Seems my online advertising fail tweet was also a twitpic fail. Let's try that again. #
  • Online advertising fail. "See our ad in the print edition of this website…"

    No. #

  • We're in the process of interviewing web designers for a refresh of @MacObserver. If you're interested in being a part of it, let me know. #
  • Just ordered loaded-up MacBook Airs for the full-timers here at TMO. The team's been kicking ass lately, and it's a great thing to reward. #
  • Re: Glee -- not to mention the overly-autotuned harmonies. Can these people even sing? It's impossible to tell. #
  • Someone made the error of offering to have me announce my son's football game today. They should know what happens when you give me a mic. #
  • How is it that "Glee" hasn't been canceled? I like musicals, but this is pretentious crap with bad songwriting. Wow. #

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