My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

by Dave in

  • Dear OS X Lion: When I turn bluetooth off, would you mind leaving it off, please? You know, if you don't mind. #
  • “@victorcajiao: FYI, if you use key combo command + F while in a finder window it will give you a Spotlight finder window” #MGG352 #
  • Synopsis: Seems success of booting a jailbroken device without tethering depends on type of JB apps you have installed/active. #
  • “@PorthosJon: Actually that other person was wrong, you can boot, just no access to jailbroken apps.”

    Uhh, ok. So which is it for iOS 5? #

  • “@OclafCire: @DaveHamilton worse. Much worse. You won't be able to boot up phone unplugged.”

    Thanks, That's what I feared, but good to know #

  • If I do a tethered jailbreak can I still reboot my iPhone sans tether and just not have access to jailbroken apps? Or is it worse than that? #
  • We got a @MacGeekGab audio comment where someone listed us amongst other "Mac Media Suppositories". I think it was meant to be a compliment. #
  • It's not a total cure, but cupcakes @PBCBaking helps soothe the wound of the dead G4 #
  • Well, my MDD Dual G4 won't boot this morning. Replaced 3.6V battery, still nothing. I think it's the power supply. :( #

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