My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-11

by Dave in

  • Blast from the past. Tech was so much simpler then. #
  • Very nice job by @TMOBryan explaining the whole Adobe-Flash-Video-On-The-iPhone thing #
  • With all these power outages lately I remind you of my "Lightning Lessons From The Ground" piece. Hint: Get a UPS. :) #
  • That said, the online world is, of course, radically different today than it was when I was a kid. #
  • If something like this existed when I was a kid I wouldn't have learned half the things I use on a daily basis. #
  • Another great tip from Melissa Holt today. “@MacObserver: OS X Lion: Screen Recording in QuickTime X” #
  • Just submitted my "Find That Pesky Plist in 30 seconds or Less" proposal as a 5-minute RapidFire Session for @MacworldExpo #
  • I think I just solved mdworker issue by adding /Library/BackBlaze to Spotlight Privacy tab #
  • Best answer yet:

    “@rgriff: Because Lion is an incomplete attempt at a usable OS, filled with annoying bugs designed to torment the user?” #

  • Seriously, has anyone yet figured out why mds/mdworker chews CPU on Lion (this from a factory install, not upgrade). #
  • From a troubleshooting standpoint, I do love this part of the new Parallels 7 from @ParallelsMac #
  • I wish @evernote would import the audio within RTFD files. I need some syncable solution that will, not reliant on MobileMe (ahem, Yojimbo). #
  • I've already submitted a few speaking ideas for @MacworldExpo 2012, but I'm looking for YOUR ideas for a 5-minute RapidFire session. Go! #
  • Home from 3 days of Family Camp. With the exception of my left bicep, every muscle I know of in my body aches. It was an awesome weekend! #

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