My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

by Dave in

  • Very interesting angle to consider on Jobs's resignation from @Therealdvorak #
  • Nice to see Arlo again. :) #
  • Our view for Arlo Guthrie tonight should be just about perfect. @tbearnh did a great job reserving our blanket! #
  • Wow, some great moments here :) #
  • Confirm generator starts: check. Confirm spare gasoline: check. #hurricaneprep #
  • TMFI on stage (sans me) at The Gas Light in Portsmouth, NH. Thought it was gonna rain, but all turned out ok! #
  • An excellent article from @bonnyface: Steve Jobs’s Path Towards Resignation #
  • Still not understanding the "Steve will be missed" comments. I don't believe anything's changed since yesterday, just (finally) codified. #
  • Just downloaded 10.7.1 from the App Store. It replaced my 10.7.0 installer that I had previously…

    …which was on an external drive! Scary. #

  • So yeah, I'm still reeling from yesterday's news. Just can't believe how AA changed their Million Miler program.

    Did I miss anything else? #

  • This is actually a really good tip for non-MSOffice owners using OS X Lion: Using Preview to Open Office & iWork Files #
  • Great line from John Kheit: "In some ways, you’d think that Moore’s law was trying to catch up to Jobs." #
  • So, yeah, wow. “@MacObserver: Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO, Recommends Tim Cook as Successor” #
  • I've had Safari in Lion open all day, using it normally, etc., and WebProcess is now consuming 1GB of RAM. Apple thinks this acceptable? #
  • Today AA finally announced the end of "all miles" contributing towards Million Miler status.

    Ah well. All good things… #

  • Would someone Google me up some instructions on giving our little dog a frontal lobotomy? I think that's what he needs to chill the heck out #
  • So it actually IS pretty cool to see HandBrake at 737% of the CPU on this new Core i7 iMac. ;) #
  • Has anyone seen my 50' Ethernet cable? #
  • Received an email: "Love your site, hate your podcasts. In fact, I hate all podcasts."

    Um, ok. Thanks for writing in? #

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