My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

by Dave in

  • (Un?)believable

    “@chartier: Top Gear deliberately runs down a Leaf's battery before testing, Nissan catches 'em:” #

  • .@brentg33 256GB SSD + 1TB spindle drive. Figured I might as well just max it out. Well, almost. Not 2TB. ;) #
  • .@davidjwit More bang for buck with iMac. Plus with cloud syncing, IMAP, Dropbox, etc., I don't need laptop as main machine anymore. #
  • Ordered a new 3.4 GHz i7, 27" iMac today. This will mark the 1st time since 1998 that I'll have a non-laptop as my "main" machine. #
  • Checked out @tspatpp tonight after attending the Patriots in-stadium training camp. Nice store! #
  • One of my personal leading indicators of a growing economy is happening again: more cold calls from venture capitalists. #goodnews #
  • I love that @jmartellaro started this with a Calvin & Hobbes quote!

    "Alien Technology Required to Beat the iPad" #

  • “@MacObserver: @1Password Adds Safari 5.1 Autosubmit and Save Support”

    Been using the betas for a while, it's usable. #

  • .@snaab @jsnell I wish there was a more streamlined interface for G+ on the Mac. #
  • We all give @ComcastCares grief from time-to-time, but the fact that I consistently get speeds like this is a Good Thing #
  • It's amazing how many different jackets and coats one accumulates living in New England. #

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