My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

by Dave in

  • Awesome graphic!!

    “@SebastienPage: AT&T Confirms It Will Throttle Top 5% of Unlimited Data Users Starting October 1st” #

  • Now THIS is a book store to see! (@ Derby Square Book Store) [pic]: #
  • Off for a day trip down to Salem, MA to check out all the museums and other oddities there. Should be a great family day! #
  • Shorn?

    Buttery. #

  • “@johnfbraun: Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water via @petapixel

    Two words: serious jowls. #

  • What about Herb Tarlek? #
  • That last tweet is not about one party or the other. It's about a broken system that neglects to leverage the talents we already possess. #
  • It's sad that we have all this great business acumen capable of producing huge profits, and yet our country continues to operate at a loss. #
  • With all these issues I have with various electronics, why are you people STILL surprised that I wear fully mechanical wristwatches? #
  • (at least @Dlink has a lifetime warranty, though they may live to regret that given how I've been going through switches here!) #
  • I'm done with these goddamned @Netgear Gig-E switches. 2 burned up in less than 2 weeks. Hello @Dlink. Let's see if you're any better. #
  • Two Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB drives for the Drobo FS makes that AND the 4-bay Drobo quite happy. Now about my failing Gig-E switches... #
  • Seems @spotibot is a web service for generating those "Pandora-style" playlists for those of us using Spotify in the US #
  • Font/DA Mover is STILL available, you know. #
  • I wish @Spotify had a Pandora or Genius-playlist-style feature where it would just keep playing similar songs for me. Or does it? #
  • Cake makes an EXCELLENT appetizer. #
  • Wow. Was cleaning through my desk and found the bar tab for Cirque du Mac 2 from 2005! #
  • New toy that I finally found at the right price after two years of looking. Liking the ETA C01.211 so far. #womw #
  • Happy dogs. #
  • Fascinated that @ComcastCares won't price-match Internet pricing from @MyFairPoint. Guess I'm switching providers... #
  • So with FileVault in Lion, is there any way to have it NOT ask me for my password when I wake from sleep or screensaver? #
  • Listening to Bill Rieflin's drumming on REM's "Live At The Olympia" makes me realize how perfect a replacement he was #
  • Yet another great OS X Lion tip from Melissa Holt on @macobserver: OS X Lion's New Quick Look Features #
  • Excellent Lion tip: Resetting Your Account Password with Your Apple ID #
  • So does @evernote support RTF files yet? #
  • I must buy some new boom microphone stands, but I'm sick and tired of the crap that I always get. Anyone found anything decent? #
  • Cheapest, er, least-expensive place to buy iPod touch screen protectors? #

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