My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

by Dave in

  • .@davidgallant Agreed. @Spotify's service is great. Available selection is fantastic. Just needs a WAY better UI, in my opinion. #
  • All the great PR combined with Spotify's crappy UI should be a great boost for Apple when iTunes in the Cloud comes out. #
  • The chicken neighbors called. I guess they're not dead. Just rude. #
  • This just makes so much sense to do today :) Rush – Bastille Day #
  • Sold, but still cool (in that geeky kinda way) #
  • “@tmgrhm: Space”

    I probably knew that. #

  • Uh, @spotify, what the heck is THIS keyboard shortcut supposed to be? #
  • Ok, now that I'm testing @spotify I'm beginning to see the benefit in subscription-based music. #latetotheparty #
  • “@mattcutts: "Google must be run by psychics at this point":”

    That's impressive. ;) #

  • .@Phooto There are only two, so we'll use the coop as firewood to cook both chickens #
  • Wow. Great live version of "Freeway Jam" with Jan Hammer, Jeff Beck, Simon Phillips, etc. or #
  • .@XSemperIdem5 we have the chickens.

    We want to rid ourselves of the chickens. #

  • Our neighbors are 5 days late picking up their goddamned chickens and coop.

    I have determined these neighbors are either rude or dead. #

  • Had intermittent network problems between house and office. Swapped out the (attic) switch, all is well. Guess the heat was too much for it! #
  • Today @jmartellaro posted about his "First Encounter With Steve Jobs", which includes a great Q&A session at WWDC 1997 #
  • OH (ok, I said it): "You fat-finger that MySQL command and it'll change your life." #
  • I think Netflix needs to learn the correct definitions of "grandfather clause" and "package deal" #grandfatherpackage #oldmanporn #
  • Pangea Offersa bunch of iOS Games for Free today via @macobserver #
  • My friend, Maya, made design #5 for this Artspace T-shirt Contest. Check it out, and vote early and often if you like! #
  • #sbix was the first time I'd heard Phish use piano instead of guitar for "The Horse" and I like it a lot better. Makes for a great intro. #

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