My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12

by Dave in

  • If an OS update installer fails on an OS that automatically restarts apps after reboot one could wind up in an endless loop. #fail #
  • Great hanging out with @danb at the #WWDC Bash tonight. Definitely some fantastic stories exchanged! #
  • Setlists on stage confirm it's Michael Franti & Spearhead playing WWDC beer bash. #whoeverthatis #
  • Gates are open at the WWDC beer bash #
  • Setlists on stage confirm it's Michael Franti & Spearhead playing WQDC beer bash. #whoeverthatis #
  • .@KevinALane @shawnking there is most definitely an AC30 on stage. Also a Fender twin. All backline rented from SIR. #
  • I have smelled more marijuana smoke this week in San Francisco than ever before. #
  • “@MdMathias: it's funny how you say "egotistical lead singer" and everyone immediately thinks of Bono”

    Either that or "Uncle" Mick. ;) #

  • Had a great interview/chat with @scootdown. As soon as it's posted to @macobserver, I'll let you all know! #
  • RT @ShawnKing "@DaveHamilton In that case, it means the band will be U2...."

    Possible, given bass guitar equipment I saw. I had same idea. #

  • Odd, floor-lit, one-man stage/platform out in the middle of the "crowd" area. Indicates egotistical lead singer. #
  • Well there's definitely a band playing the WWDC bash tonight. #soundcheck #
  • As I have vacations scheduled in summer and fall, I can accurately predict Lion will be release the week of July 18, iOS 5 week of Nov 28. #
  • Great chat with @marcoarment today about geeky tech stuff as well as geeky Phish stuff. The former will be available on @macobserver soon! #
  • Apple Reverses Stance on iOS In-app Subscriptions

    Good. #

  • The stage at Yerba Buena is setup and there's a MAJOR lighting check happening right now. No speakers noticeable, though. #WWDC #
  • Either security has been well-trained to detect social engineering and lie, or there will be no band at WWDC bash tomorrow. /cc @PBones #
  • Relived an old memory during MGG today about a "Happy Birthday" program I wrote years ago on my Apple //c for my stepmom. #
  • Just used voice, VPN, and SSH to help my daughter troubleshoot and fix our malfunctioning home network.

    All 3,000 miles away on my iPhone. #

  • My mobile podcasting setup for @macgeekgab 335 this morning. #
  • Great meeting folks like @jnack at last night's Macworld party, & great seeing @paulkent @PBones @gruber @chockenberry @siegel & more, too. #
  • Stump over, now to prep @MacGeekGab 33? #
  • I'm enjoying the @WestinSF but am I the only one that keeps hitting wrong buttons in the elevator? Those things are on a hairtrigger! #
  • Yay. My girls are finally done with traffic, parked, and heading into the Phish show. Assuming the band starts 30min late, they're golden! #
  • There are so many sandboxes I don't think it'll matter if someone ate the sandbox.

    Still, I seven the sandbox. #

  • Here's to hoping my wife and daughter have a great time at Phish tonight. Sad/weird not to be joining them, but hoping they have a blast! #
  • Seems someone at Apple prefers their Beatles in stereo, as I do. #
  • .@mgetzski @MacObserver Perhaps because iTunes doesn't fit the guidelines? I'm pretty sure MAS apps have to be Cocoa, yes? :) #
  • Great meeting @fromedome @settern @siracusa tonight at the ARS party. Likewise seeing @patlee @ejacqui @PBones @llsethj & other old friends. #
  • Great view from @WestinSF #
  • Yeah, I know. I lead a pretty charmed life. #
  • “@eastd: Tonight starts "Drum Solo Week" on @Late_Show w/ David Letterman! #ftw #drumlove #drummerfam ??

    Nice!! #

  • Holy smokes. I get on a podcast and then look and the Bruins are up 4-0. Very interesting! #
  • And now the one on the left becomes useless as we transition to the right. #
  • Landed early, luggage first off the carousel, en route to hotel now. With a little luck, I'll hit the WWDC keynote media line well-rested! #
  • I think the airlines are sandbagging. My 40 minute flight is delayed 40 minutes and we're still due to arrive 20 min ahead of schedule. #
  • Arriving at BOS and see my "upgrade confirmed" email. Nice. :) #
  • I'm bringing this suitcase to WWDC because the pull tab on the expansion zipper says it's "extensible". #

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