My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-05

by Dave in

  • Yep, I missed something. :) Thanks!

    “@tmgrhm:” #

  • Did I miss something, or is there no way on the website to add someone to a twitter list? #
  • Listen, my prior tweet relating John and Jonathan Edwards (no relation) was *really* funny. Brilliant, even. #
  • With John Edwards having just been indicted, it would seem appropriate to play Jonathan Edwards' "Sunshine (Go Away Today)" in his honor. :) #
  • Cool Stuff Found (made?): This free app will let you know what version of Apple's Safe Download Definitions you have #
  • Bliss: when your hands and mind fully cooperate while playing music and anything you think of playing comes out exactly as imagined #thezone #
  • WWDC Schedule. FINALLY. #
  • Seems cheap beer is almost as desirable as free beer. #
  • The cat & mouse continues: MacDefender Variant Out

    Will be interesting to see if Apple issues a daily update for this. #

  • With all the potential doom and gloom (and, oh yeah, the tornado warning) my PodJam @ideagreenhousnh is postponed until Thursday, 6/23. #
  • I'm speaking tonight @ideagreenhousnh in Durham, NH Come on out and join us -- should be a blast! #
  • In 5 minutes we had 10 lightning strikes, 1" hail (yard was white!) and now torrential downpour (yard flooded). 5 minutes ago, nothing. #
  • Well, this is an interesting email from Twitter. Now I'm notified of replies? I'll be turning THAT off! #
  • Very interesting choices this morning, Pandora. Three reggae songs and then right into D'yer Mak'er. Tricksy, you are. #
  • Regardless of the question, the answer for today is: Get jiggy with it. #
  • It's ok to bathe in anti-itch cream, right? #damnedblackflies #
  • Seems changing my DNS to @OpenDNS solved my @Netflix streaming issues on my iDevices. #
  • Having trouble getting @Netflix streaming to work on any of our iDevices tonight. Just me? #
  • “@marcoarment: Intro to Phish:”

    Well said. #

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