My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-22

by Dave in

  • Revolting development of the night: HBO GO iPad app doesn't support video out (or AirPlay, if online reports are trusted).

    That's dumb. #

  • “@CNETNews: Yes, @CLEAR really is on the ropes”

    Too bad. Love their service. Almost like having home speeds while away. #

  • My son and I just finished a VERY cool behind-the-scenes tour from @acdolph of the PA for the UNH graduation this weekend. Amazing tech! #
  • Our new-ish little dog is kind of a jackass. I want to get him addicted to opiates to improve his mood. Any reason I shouldn't? #
  • So maybe New England is becoming a temperate rain forest. #
  • Trying to come up with a one-word description, a la "brunch", for a restaurant menu consisting of dinner and breakfast. "Dikfast" isn't it. #
  • Kinda humid this morning, huh? #
  • “@schlingel: @DaveHamilton What would that 'other device' be?”

    Good question. looking to offload to another drive or cloud service, not Mac #

  • Question: if I want to copy pics to my iPad from my camera, then offload them to another device, what app/apps is/are best? #

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