My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-15

by Dave in

  • And so ends my Spring String of 9 gigs in 8 weeks (with 3 different bands). 3-5 weeks break before the next one. #
  • That said, good customer service often requires checking one's ego at the door. #
  • Ya know, customer service really IS fun to do. I love taking a potential mess and turning it into something good and a customer for life. #
  • From @planeandpilot: "The second greatest thrill in life is flying. The first, of course, is landing." #
  • ~@codyfink don't get me wrong, I love the Kindle. Just don't like the idea of possibly losing that functionality/convience from my iPad. #
  • ~@knownbadboard I love(d) my Kindle, too (my son has it now). I just don't want to be forced to take one with me when I travel. #
  • BeamItDown Claims Apple Wants all Profits, Pulls iFlow Reader

    I really hope I don't have to buy a Kindle soon. #

  • Really looking forward to seeing @bfsrocks tomorrow night at The Middle East in Cambridge. They're really a killer live band. #
  • Joy of Tech on MicroSkype

    Brilliant. #

  • The Senate Mobile Privacy hearing is finished. Some interested tidbits from Apple's Bud Tribble contained therein #
  • Bud Tribble is about to testify. I hope the Senate doesn't ask him about the time he sat in with MWASB and we butchered "Back In The USSR" #
  • Follow @macobserver's Key Updates Live From Senate Mobile Privacy Hearing [Updates coming as necessary] #
  • Thanks to @arstechnica for linking to this great deck about how Skype packets act and look to the rest of the world. #
  • “@JasonOGrady: Speech recognition: the iOS achilles heel”

    He's right. #

  • So yeah, the "Starship Trooper" at the end of 9012Live is pretty epic #
  • My lunch @streetlocal360. Yup. #
  • All the wait staff at @streetfood360 use iPod touches to take and submit orders. The kitchen has the order before they leave the table. Cool #
  • Previewing STREET today. This place could be a real winner. (@ STREET w/ 2 others) #

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