My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-08

by Dave in

  • I certainly fall into the category of "aviation enthusiast" but this guy takes the cake! #
  • Todays @MacGeekGab Answers article: Free Up Hard Drive Space By Moving Your iPad and iPhone Backups #
  • NERD ALERT: A Space Game Boy Up For Sale #
  • "I've got a bad feeling about pants." #replaceawordinastarwarslinewithpants /cc @ashman01 @jgamet #
  • Just saw ST:TNG "Yesterday's Enterprise" for the first time (watched it with my son). What a fantastic episode. Really well done. #
  • I have just altered the future. #
  • That iOS 4.3.3 update's been out for nearly an hour already. Is the jailbreak ready yet? ;) <ducks> #
  • Seems iOS 4.3.3 is out. #
  • My improvised mic stand holding a Heil PR-20 for @MacGeekGab 328 (and @PilotPete) made it to @HeilSound's Facebook wall #
  • Maybe having that iPhone on below 10k ft caused the bumps? :)

    “@aviationblogs: My Rough Southwest Landing into AUS” #

  • ~@bodstrup Since we moved to New Hampshire's seacoast, we have been unable to find a dentist that's not a jackass. #
  • This morning's great idea comes from my daughter: market punching bags with a picture of your dentist on them! #
  • Is it me or is @Twitter against lists? 3rd party clients are the only way I can add to lists now. Web and Twitter clients don't work for me. #
  • I needed to jury-rig a mic stand for @PilotPete. With that, @MacGeekGab 328 is about to begin! #
  • Pretty sure it's safe to throw away this PlainTalk mic I have lying around. #
  • Adding to my reading list is "Always On" from @bxchen -- my preview copy arrived this morning! #
  • Today is NOT the day I need this out of my MacBook Pro. #
  • It'll be interesting to see how/if this impacts other pubs.

    "Time Extends Print Subscriptions to iPad" via @macobserver #

  • Bin Laden wasn't killed by the CIA, it was some kid they trained using Angry Birds, then just switched it from simulation to live mode. #
  • Awesome stream-of-consciousness conversation with my son. Mohawks to nuclear bombs to SDI to hockey. And it all linked together perfectly. #
  • To clarify my earlier question: does the iPod nano's pedometer still work to measure steps taken even when worn on the wrist? #
  • Found on my daughter's whiteboard. #
  • Anyone know if the iPod nano's pedometer works when it's worn on the wrist? #

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