My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01

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  • For those of you local to the New Hampshire Seacoast, I'm playing with FLING tonight at Kelley's Row in Dover, NH. 9:30, don't miss it! #
  • I haven't yet listened back, but I feel like today's @MacGeekGab 327 was possibly one of our best episodes. Good questions, great flow. #
  • .@edwardv2 Twitter's web page is broken when adding to lists, but I've been able to add from client apps just fine. #
  • Can you use the white iPhone before Memorial Day? /cc @johnfbraun #
  • Can you use the while iPhone before Memorial Day? /cc @johnfbraun #
  • Funny. Based on everything I know, I'm certain that's the top of my head right there. #
  • “@Ihnatko: (And "What Is Hip?" is possibly the most potent "Get your butt out of that chair" songs of all time.)”

    True THAT. #

  • "This cuttlefish is not sitting well." #
  • "Whipping Post" by the Allman Bros from Fillmore East, 1970. Crowd sitting, band cooking, wow. Thanks, @lefsetz #
  • Ok, so I just finished watching the whole #humancentipad #southpark episode. Um, what the hell was THAT?

    Wow. #

  • Ok, #humancentipad is awesome. So glad I randomly turned on the TV. #
  • It seems we have a very large owl that has taken significant interest in our (relatively new) small fluffy dog. #whatashowwhatashow #
  • Love when I learn something new, especially love it when it's from us!

    Changing How Copies E-mail Addresses #

  • I did a little reading reading into Apple’s Q&A on location data. Then I did a little writing. #
  • "Marketers should stop tracking click thru rate altogether" #advertising #
  • Have been (happily) using FaceTime more than ever now that my Mom got an iPhone. Very interesting to see this happening... #
  • For the record, I think it'll be good for my son to live sans iPod for 2 weeks. :) #
  • “@mwickens: 80's camp?"

    Yeah, it's like they decided electronics made after some arbitrary date are disallowed. Bizarre. #

  • My son is forbidden from bringing an "MP3 player" to summer camp, but is allowed to bring "CD player with headphones"

    Um... what? #

  • “@CERN: AMS detector bound for space”

    Great to see cool stuff like this still happening here (and out there!) #

  • Been a while since I was awake for a mid-night thunderstorm. It looks and sounds crazy out here! #
  • "The Spirit of Radio" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" were two songs I didn't expect to play at tonight's "Chafed" gig... but we did 'em! #

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