My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-24

by Dave in

  • .@abrooks19 From what I recall, Fluff was *very* tough to find while living outside the northeast USA. "Marshmallow Cream" is not analogous. #
  • .@abrooks19

    Yup. #

  • One perk of living in the northeast: Peanut Butter & Fluff sandwiches. #fluffernutter #
  • Happy birthday to my buddy and podcasting partner-in-crime, @johnfbraun. Hope you have a great day, my friend! #
  • Our Nikon D60 suffered a bit of a whack and needs reparations. Anyone think there's a better path than simply sending into Nikon's facility? #
  • Why do we call them forearms when we only have two of them maybe we should call them firearms because man look at my guns #
  • “@markgurman: Jailbreak utility blocks iOS from recording iPhone’s location data" #
  • ZDNet: "That mass exodus of AT&T iPhone users going to Verizon never happened." #
  • “@newsycombinator: Raskin about how plane wings lift”

    As an aviation enthusiast and Mac geek, this is freakin' awesome! #

  • ~@therealizzy @kodywillnauer I don't think @goodreader will let me edit text. Annotate, yes, but not edit. #
  • Anyone know of an iOS app that will allow me to edit text in a PDF a la @PDFPen on my Mac? #
  • "Chafed" was due a good gig, and we got it tonight. Everyone played well individually and collectively, appreciative crowd, good sound-Nice! #
  • It's gotta be a good sign when there's a stripper pole in the dance floor in front of the stage. #

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